What Are The Best Ways To Hide IP Address?

What are the best ways to hide IP address?

Are yo fed up of your employer spying on your activities in the office? Are you fed up of your Government for banning or blocking your favorite websites? Do you want complete freedom of privacy while you browse websites on a public computer at school, college, university or your workplace?

Then you have come to the right place as we will guide you through some of the basic and advance ways of hiding your online activity through some highly recommended encryption methods.

True internet freedom can be coined in a single phrase i.e. “Anonymous web browsing” which is a method to hide a user’s identity and geographical information from websites he visits.

How To Achieve Anonymous Web Browsing?

The best way to achieve anonymity online is by understanding the best ways to hide your IP address. IP address stands for Internet Protocol address, which is a 128 bits number assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses Internet.

An IP address basically serves two primary functions:

1. Finding location of the host or network.
2. Location addressing.

Hide your IP address from the internet server you are connected to and you have successfully achieved complete anonymity. How to do it? We will discuss it shortly.

Websites you visit often save important information about your computer, smartphone or tablet inside HTTP cookies, which are strings of text that are saved on a computer when a user browses different web pages.

Cookies allow small bits of information to be stored and then uploaded to a web database without your permission. This information could be anything, such as passwords, your typed credit card number or websites you have visited.

Cookies are also used to track your demographics and browsing habits. This is the biggest reason why you see products of your interest on Facebook ads or AdSense ads that relates to products or services you have recently visited or looked for!

If you are tired of all these privacy breaches then you must decide to protect yourself right now.

How to Hide your IP Address?

There are three popular methods to mask or hide your IP address completely.

  1. Use a VPN Server
  2. Use TOR browser
  3. Use a Proxy server

Amongst these three methods if there is any method I personally use or trust, then its using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) through which you can expect faster and secure connection. Using a good VPN serviceyou can completely hiding your IP address and by choosing a location (city or country) of your choice .

The other method is using TOR browser which is used worldwide and exclusively used to access the Darknet which is 6% of the internet that you can’t access via normal browsers like Firefox/Chrome/Safari or search engines like Google or bing.

I strictly don’t recommend proxy servers because they are extremely slow, hosted on low bandwidth sites and poorly managed. Of course all apples are not the same, therefore you must use a proxy server for viewing blocked websites but use a VPN if you are looking to enter your credit card information on a website.

That is all you need to know in order to hide your identity online and do safe browsing online. Let me know which VPN service do you use in the comments box below.

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