8 Tips to Impress Your Boss and Get Promoted

Impress Your BossIt has been said that in order to lead a happy life, you need to keep two people happy all the time, one is obviously your wife, and second is your Boss.When it comes to getting a promotion in a job, things are really tough until and unless you do not know the tips to impress your boss. We discussed 4 tips in a recent post on how to increase your earnings by getting a promotion, and here are the remaining 4 effective tips that can turn out to be really beneficial for you in your career.

5) Ask Questions-show off your knowledge

Your boss might be too occupied in giving a look at you for the tips stated above. It’s a big time now. What happens most of the time is you know about things but you prefer to stay quite, believing that it is out of your concern. However, when it comes to business, your boss is concerned about everything. If you have double thoughts about the work that is given to you and you think that this would not favor company’s interest, do not hesitate to knock your boss’s door. Explain him your ideology; shoe him how concerned you are about the company. Present some ideas of your own to rectify the loss. Here it is important to maintain that play it safe, because, bosses often don’t like their employees to speak in front of them. This is the risk you are taking and the results depend on how intelligently you play with your words.

6. Prepare yourself with a Homework been done

Whether you are an engineer or doctor, there is one mutual compulsion and that is, you must have strong business communication skills. This means, that you must realize how to address your boss and how to communicate with your co-workers. The pitch of your voice, your tone and obviously your words play a significant role.

It is easily understandable if we say that you need to maintain the formal relations within the office and as suggested in point number 5, when you are in a situation of communicating directly to your boss, make sure you know what are you talking about and what actually is your motive. It often happens that people either get confused or act over smart while discussing issues with their superiors. Both are disastrous!

A good practice is to plan things up, as you see, there is no harm in rehearsing. Make it a habit, and do not deviate from the actual purpose as your boss is keen to figure out your confusion and your over smartness, and at the same time, he is too busy to take out his precious time for your meaningless chit chat.

With an effective presentation of your ideas in front of your boss, a promotion is soon to be expected. Don’t forget your skills are an asset for the company, your boss knows how to utilize it.

7. Give your boss more than what he expects

Human nature is amazing; it loves to have more and more. But sometimes, your boss behaves quite inhuman. If you are working in an organization, you might have come across of situations when boss extremely criticize over-efficiency. But at the same time, he is a human after all, so why not to play with it? When we say try to give more than what your boss expects out of you, we actually mean that you should provide him a much better quality of the work. Try to highlight yourself as with your efficiency and not over-efficiency.

8. Make yourself a must have ingredient for the company

Proving yourself as a devoted employee is certainly not an easy job. In fact it takes much more than you can even imagine. Believing on the ideology that hard work is never wasted –if your direction is correct, therefore, work in a right direction and prove yourself. Making yourself a must have ingredient (as the heading says) doesn’t means that you actually hide office files in your locker and keep the keys with you so that each time the files are required, the authorities have to search for you, No! this actually means that you must make yourself useful for the organization in such a way that no one can replace you or the quality of work that you offer. Once your boss starts depending on you for things, you will see how quickly you would be getting promotion letters.

With this, it comes to an end, always remember that all of you have got the potential to improve your livings, but only those achieve success who are determined to know which way to choose, and impressing your boss is undoubtedly, the most effective way to get some limelight for your hard work.

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