Top Ten Richest Rappers in the World In 2016

top 10 richest rappers in 2016Money is almost everything for a lot of people these days and everyone wants to earn huge sum of money with their jobs and careers and are working very efficiently to achieve this goal. Many celebrities and rappers are also making millions of dollars with their work and are among the top richest people of the world. They work very hard and give lots of dedication to make handsome revenues and are also adored and loved by their fans. The top ten richest rappers in the world in 2016 are:

Dr Dre (net worth: 750 million dollars)

Dr Dre

He is one of the most famous rapper of the world and is also very famous to help people by taking them under his wing to show the world their skills and talent. He is currently the most revenue generating rapper of the music and entertainment industry as well.

Sean Combs (net worth: 700 million dollars)

Sean Combs

Sean combs is also known as Diddy and is highly respected in the music and film industry. He is famous for his work both nationally and internationally.

Jay- Z (net worth: 550 million dollars)

Jay  Z

Jay Z is not only famous for his unique and wonderful music creating styles but his melodies are famous all over the world. His career has been very exciting and hard at the same time and has got him the most distinctive singing style in the rapping industry.

Master P (net worth: 350 million dollars)

Master P

Another wonderful rapper, Master P is also a music director and composer of this era. His personality is world famous and loved by his fans making him one of the richest rapper of the Hollywood entertainment industry.

50 Cent (net worth: 250 million dollars)

50 Cent

50 Cent is not only famous for his new and unique style but his fans also adore his music nationally and internationally. He is a top notch rapper, a great musician and also very wonderful lyricist.

Birdman (net worth: 170 million dollars)


He has been working in this industry for a long time period now. Due to this reason he has made a good fan following and is greatly respected by his loved ones for the work he does. Currently, he is doing more projects and is making his way towards more earning opportunities.

Eminem (net worth: 160 million dollars)


He is famous for his funky beats and has gained much fame with great respect in his career. He can turn up music from his lyrics and make people shake their head and tap their feet on the tunes.

Ice Cube (net worth: 140 million dollars)

Ice Cube

Ice cube is as cool as his name sounds. He is a very rich rapper of entertainment industry and is also a very brave and daring athlete who loves taking competitions.

Lil’ Wayne (net worth: 135 million dollars)

Lil Wayne

His average net worth is quite high and has gotten him the title of top class musician and rapper of Hollywood industry.

Snoop Dogg (net worth: 135 million dollars)

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg might be the most popular rapper of the music industry and is known all over the world for his best stage performances and appearances. He has his own signature style and hold record for selling highest number of CDs and albums until now.

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