How To Make Money Online With Voice Over Acting Jobs?

Got a beautiful voice or mesmerizing voice quality? If yes, then welcome to thousands of voice over acting opportunities, waiting just for you!

make money with voice over acting jobs

Be it a product commercial on television or radio broadcast or be it an animated movie, motivational video or even a video documentary, your voice can make you thousands of dollars a month right from your living room’s recording studio.

From Apple’s Siri to Disney’s Aladdin, it is because of the magic of the real voice behind the scenes that has forced people to become addicted to these products.

All that you need to become a professional voice artist is finding the best production house to work with and start sending them audio clips of your performance styles. Once approved you can expect to receive paid projects within a month.

How much can a voice artist earn per month? Well sky is the limit!

Where To Submit Audio Clips for Voice Over Job?

Internet today is full of websites offering voice over but which production team to trust is a question worth asking.

After thoroughly reading the reviews online for the best site offering voice over acting jobs, we came across Voquent, which offers the best voice over artist jobs in the UK.

voice over artist jobs in the UK

Though Voquent is based out of London, UK, it works with voice actors across the globe. You can sign-up for Free without paying a penny for creating a profile.

How To Ensure Approval for Successful Voice Over Submissions?

Voquent is a huge community site, receiving over thousands of audio clip submissions each month, to ensure your audio clip meets their requirements, below are some handy tips that will help you in getting a quick Voquent approval as a professional voice artist:

  1. Before signing up make sure you have access to a high quality studio either at home or near your residence.
  2. Watch videos of professional voice artists and brainstorm yourself on how to create individual audio MP3 files for each vocal sound you aim to perform.
  3. You must not compile all your vocal sounds in one single audio file. Strictly avoid showreels or compilations with multiple reading styles. Such samples will be rejected and never accepted.
  4. Your audio clip should not be larger than 5 MB in size.
  5. Each audio clip should be in one distinct and unique style only.
  6. You can upload up to 5 samples at present, once approved, you can then submit up to 15 samples.

Take extra care of all the above mentioned points and you can surely expect to get a quick approval.

Some Famous Voices You Will Never Forget

Even most of the tech world could not have provided such excellent customer service without the help of the real voice behind the scenes that though sounds like some robot guys but in reality they are actually living human beings.

Some famous voices include:

  • The beautiful voice of the lady known as Apple’s Siri – Susan Bennett
  • If You’d Like to Make a Call” Female operator voice – Jane Barbe
  • You’ve Got Mail” The AOL. guy – Elwood Edwards
  • Hello Moto” – Steve Hayden

The list goes on. From Hollywood to silicon valley, voice artists have played a pivotal role in making the industry boom and thrive. Though they are not that well recognized by name and identity but their voice and vocals does surely need no introduction at all. Their voices will surely live forever for generations to come.

find voice over acting jobs

Wish you all the best of luck with a successful voice over career. Who knows your most favorite hobby of mimicking or commentary or public speaking, may become your permanent profession to make all your dreams come true.

In the end, those under-estimated vocals could be the real gold, you are struggling so hard for. Just give it a try!

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