How To Save Time And Money On Email Marketing: Review

Being an email marketer and communicating via emails, you are probably searching for the pre-eminent tool to make your business life easier. Well, it’s quite interesting to say that now you can save almost 70% of your time, effort, and money, isn’t that astonishing?

If you wonder how to save time and money on email marketing, this review will guide you through the details. is a marvelous tool designed for email marketers and other professionals that makes it really easier for users to save much of their time with drip emails and a set of other handy tools.

As emails are the most effective communication channel, people need the best tool to make business deals fast and establish customer relationships with ease. But regular bulk email campaigns are not worth a penny anymore. And email drip campaigns come to rescue as they are highly-personalized and super-targeted.

Why is better as compared to other similar platforms? is far better than other platforms because it is the all-in-one platform and provides a few tools necessary for successful email marketing. Due to this fact, it empowers marketers, sales representatives, and other professionals to get primacy and dominance on websites, social networks, and other databases. provides 4 main tools and you can easily pass all the email marketing steps within one platform: find leads and their email addresses, verify them, send drip emails, and track their performance. This way, the platform saves money. Why? Because the monthly plans include all the tools and you don’t have to pay separately.

At the same time, is time-saving. That’s pretty easy. You don’t have to switch from one tool to another when doing this or that work. With the help of it, you can really do whatever you want without opening infinite tabs and other tools.

Moreover, the team provides Chrome extensions for a few tools with lots of useful features, so they are always at hand and you can activate them any moment you need it. tools is an excellent platform that offers striking tools such as Email Drip Campaigns, Email Finder, Email Verifier, and Gmail Tracker. is literally a stress-relieve mechanism for email marketers because now you can do so many things by using that all-in-one time-saving marketing tool. Let’s move on and see what the tools offer and how you can benefit from them.

Email Drip Campaigns

Have you ever considered why email drip campaigns are better than bulk emailing? Email drip campaigns tools are far better in sending emails at a specific time and date rather than sending bulk emails to your customers. It is much easier to achieve your marketing goal with personalized and targeted automatically sent emails.

Compared to other tools, users can add as many emails as they want in a sequence. Email Drip Campaigns tool satisfies all needs at affordable prices with all exclusive features mention below:

  • Triggers and delays that let the emails be sent automatically.
  • Scheduling gives an opportunity to set the email flow on autopilot according to the time zone and pre-defined time of email sending.
  • Personalized emails that guarantee high open and conversion rates.
  • Plain-text emails increase deliverability and reduce the spam rate.
  • Statistics lets users know every single detail about the launched campaign.
  • Templates are handy to save time and support from the very first steps.
  • Unsubscribe feature allows people to unsubscribe if they are not interested in your offers.

To my mind, the best feature is scheduling that allows users to set the email sequence on autopilot and send email campaigns according to the timing of the recipients’ country or time zone.

With the help of drip emails, you can determine the most relevant triggers for each follow-up. Drip emails are very much helpful to convert a high number of leads within just one click. Appreciations for this feature because the messages are always shown on the top in the Inbox. has a feature of specific user targeting such as if you want to send emails to any specific person you can only select those people and send emails to them only. has a drag-n-drop builder facility that is truly easy-to-use. Also, you can use their templates and you have an opportunity to build and save your own ones. provides huge assistance in ratifying the information for contacts and it assures you the process is efficient.


Interestingly, Email Drip Campaigns are also very helpful in examining the statistics and the best thing is that this platform provides it free of cost. Actually, the statistics let you know about who opened the emails and how many times, the number of replies, unsubscribes, and link clicks.

Email Finder

With the help of Email Finder, you can find the right people faster with unchallenging outbound reach. Email Finder is also obtainable as a Chrome extension and it searches for email addresses on the web. In reality, it makes it easier to find emails while browsing a website. Surprisingly you can obtain the email addresses by searching the names and another lead origin of a perfect prospect.

Also, you can use Email Finder as a web application. In it, the possibilities are wider. The features are single and bulk domain search, Boolean and company profile search, social URL and emails from names search. Once the emails are found, you can verify them to see if all of them are valid and there is a sense in sending emails to them.

Email Verifier

If you do not check the found emails, the bounce rate might go high and your sender’s account might be blocked by the ESP. So always use an Email checker and be sure the emails you send will reach real people. Email Verifier is right the thing. It is quick and accurate and provides users with three options for the verified emails: valid, invalid, and catchall. As you might have guessed, it is better to delete invalid emails from the list of recipients. Catchall emails are the ones guessed by the platform and the ones whose status is uncertain. So it’s all your decision whether to send emails to them or not.

Gmail Tracker

Emails you send from Gmail or G Suite can be easily tracked to notice when a recipient opens the email or clicks the inserted link. The process is saved, quick, and completely free. There are no observable signatures added to emails, so you can be sure no one will know you are tracking their actions.

The tracker allows you to switch between Gmail and G Suite accounts for the so it is easy to track any Gmail account. With its authorization, it benefits you with on-time notifications and a full history of email opens. You can also turn off the tracking whenever you want to in the Chrome extension.

Wrapping up

The platform is great as it has the key features of Email Finder and Verifier, Gmail Tracker, and Email Drip Campaigns. It only takes real time but no extra minute to find, verify, send emails, and track messages.

You must give it a try because of all these above-mentioned benefits and features, it is a very extraordinary tool to use. You will really feel completely satisfied with it. In addition, it is really inexpensive in comparison with other platforms.

There is no feature that is difficult to use or that is locked for users. It is absolutely free to use and manageable. Honestly, you will really admire this innovative tool which is worth your time as well as money. It has the best features and functionality compared to other regular emails. It has an overall five-star rating due to the ease of use and customer support.

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