A Corporate Video Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

corporate videoYou may have a great idea for your corporate video, but in reality, you will need a good video production company to help you take your idea and make it happen. And by making it happen, I don’t just mean recreating your idea in video form, but to convert it into a high-powered, hard-hitting sales tool, to bring customers to your website and convert the visits into sales!

Where do I find these people?

When you embark on a search for the right corporate video production team for your brand, you need to be aware of the fact that this team will need to deliver a video that not only attracts your target audience, but resonates with them on a basic level, and make them actively want to get involved with your brand. Make sure that you investigate your potential service provider properly – analyse their showreels, look at the content in their portfolios, and get a solid idea of what they can do, both on a creative and technical level.

Can I do it myself?

While there are several distinct advantages to in-house production of a corporate video, such as having full control over the creative process, and having the experts about the brand in close proximity – that’s to say, the people who work at your company!

However, there are also drawbacks, and you should closely look at these, as the final outcome of your video depends on many of these. Of course, hiring staff who are capable of creating a video, investing in appropriate audio-visual equipment and editing software, and putting training to effectively operate these in place will result in a huge initial outlay.

Even with having spent all that money, you still have no guarantee that the creative process will be predictable, or that the end result will be what you had in mind. For this reason, although it is fully possible to DIY your corporate video, it is not necessarily recommended.

Get the experts on board

When you investigate a potential production company’s production history, look at what the client asked for, and how they delivered on that request. A good production company will be upfront about the challenges they faced in the process, what was done to remedy them, and what the end results were, with regards to their clients’ request.

You want a company who produces their own work from beginning to end, without relying on stock footage or illustrations. Basing your work on templates and internet-based quick fixes can affect the overall integrity of the video, and limit the capabilities of the narrative you are trying to create.

The value of having a totally unique video is that it can give you an unprecedented look, unlike anything else your audience might have seen before. Not only is a unique video more memorable, it also allows you to more closely tailor your video to your brand’s unique look and feel, and give your audience the information they came for.

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