Adsense For Domains Retiring! What is Domain Parking Provider?

Adsense domians retiring parked domainsThis news must be a little shocking for those who are generating sufficient revenue from Adsense Ads displayed on their undeveloped naked domains. Adsense for domains which is a Google product that offered web masters to monetize hosted domains by displaying Domain specific Ads on their empty sites is soon going to retire and end by April 18 2012.  From now onwards undeveloped domains will be served through Google’s existing AdSense for Domains distribution network only. Following are some important Deadlines that you must note:

  • From March 21, 2012 onwards: You’ll no longer be able to create new Hosted domains
  • From March April 18, 2012 onwards: Hosted domains will become inactive and you will no longer have the option to generate income from it.
  • From June 27, 2012 onwards: Hosted domains will no longer be available in all AdSense accounts (new or old)

Can you still monetize Domains and Make Money?

Its true that Google Adsense will no longer be serving Ads to undeveloped domains but you can still keep making money online out of your domains by displaying ads served by third part Ad providers. Domain Parking means that you are migrating your domain from Adsense to any other Advertising company that offer ads to be displayed on domain sites. Domain parking providers also offer  pay-per-click (PPC) ads similar to the Google ads for hosted domains.  They are much more equipped with several other benefits like:

  • They offer a wide variety of site templates which you can use to increase CTR
  • Offer smart competitive rates
  • Feasible payments options: PayPal and credit cards accepted unlike in Adsense
  • They also offer Domain marketing services and market places where you can buy and sell domains

Where to find a Good domain Parking provider?

The best would be to Google for it. Search in Google for “park my domains” or “Park my domain” or “domain parking services” or “domain parkers”  to see a wide list of popular domain parking options.

How To Migrate To From Adsense To a domain Parker?

The best tutorial to help you in safely migrating your current hosted domain settings to a different domain parking provider, simply follow the step by step guide on this page:

If you need help from people who are facing same problems with this latest news then try these hot forums on Adsense For Domains Retiring topic:

Need Help?

Two of my domains are also effected by this change in Google Adsense Partner policy. If you want to share any thing new or if you need any further assistance then feel free to post your query ion the comment box below. Would be a pleasure to help you out. Peace and blessings pals! 🙂

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  1. Hi Mustaffa. Just a suggestion. The first thing i do when i open my blog is i search your posts in my dashboard’s blog upates as i have added your website on GFC. I do not find GFC here. Would like to ad this blog as well to my blogs following list so that i can be updated of your posts instantly. I know GFC is outdated nowadays but its a convenience to see your posts straightaway when i open my blog.


  2. iam still confused and dont understand what i do or not…i recieve mail from google wiht some deadlines with subject “Retiring AdSense for Domains in your account” iam using blogger to earn money, and some of people says go to adsense account and click on my ads and then on Domain where i just found Blogspot with status unverified….iam not understand this case what i do…if any body solution of this problem or issue then kindly reply or PM me at thanks

  3. congratulations to all buddies….i found answer of this problem….the answer is so simple..
    If you are not actively using AdSense for Domains, absolutely nothing will change. You don’t need to do anything, either. No need to remove or update anything. No need to migrate domain names, unless you’re using those domains for AdSense for Domains (which it sounds like you are not).

    If you have content on your site and are now using AdSense for Content, we will continue to serve AFC as we always have. No changes to that at all, including revenue, earnings, targetting… everything will be the same.
    So don’t confuse..enjoy… you can also visit my blog

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