7 Reasons That Make Me Hate Pinterest!

why I hate pinterestWith the rapid penetration of internet in our daily lives, numbers of social networks have emerged. Some of which acquired incredible success and some are on their way. Pinterest, the visual pin board started its journey two years back and is now following a smooth path. You must understand whether this new marketing tool can benefit your website or blog or not before starting using it. I am sharing below my experiences and highlighting some loop holes in Pinterest that somewhat did not impress me a lot and are reasons that make me hate  pinterest slightly.

Why Re-Consider your decision:

Recently, we have shared a lot of stuff regarding Pinterest and many people joined pinterest as well. We have also joined to find out the excitements there and this is the reason what made us think again. Firstly, there are so many social networks and you need to spend a lot of time to maintain your virtual social existence. If you are a blog owner and you already have facebook fanpage, Google + fan page, a twitter account as well and now this new one. The more social networks you join, greater are the chances of things getting messed up; and especially when any of them has got a new flavor. This argument is not enough to make you stop since pinterest has many attractions of its own.
We are going to mention a few features which you will definitely miss at pinterest, if you are used to any other networking sites.

1. No chat /messages:

I do not understand this social network where there is no option of sending and receiving messages to friends. Although, the competitors have come up with video calling and desktop messengers, pinterest team is not worried. May be they have some other exceptional plans but at the moment, it gives an unpleasant feeling that you can only interact via comments on your pins. And, do not forget, it’s all public.

2. Groups or Friend Lists:

There is no option to make groups and organize your contacts. All contacts are equally important and you have to see the activity of all of them, whether you enjoy it or not. Yes, you can categorize your pins but no option of ‘friend lists’ available. To make a compromise, you can make a separate board so that a specific group of friend follows that board. For example, you can create a board “College Life” for your college friends.

3. Privacy:

Privacy level is extremely low. Privacy settings provide you the option of customizing your email settings and linking your accounts. Who is following you? Who do you allow and who do you want to block? There is no option available and anyone can follow any of your board. Not only this, your pins are also not protected. Anyone can re-pin it, anywhere!

4. Self-promotion Not Allowed:

Pinterest team has, doubtlessly, got a different approach and they do not appreciate pinterest account to be used as fan page or any sort of promotional tool. They have officially conveyed their etiquettes as:

Be Authentic. Pinterest is an expression of who you are. Being authentic to who you are is more important than winning lots of followers or fans.

So as long as you are kind enough with others, re-pinning their content; you are welcomed.

5. Milestones:

Milestone is a distinguished feature introduced by facebook timeline .It allows auto-publication of content; once you have set them. If you are already enjoying that feature, may be you will badly feel its need at pinterest. Although this option is not considered as a fundamental one with networking site but when you are already getting something more and for free, why would you leave it?

6. No Direct access to Links:

Well, this is what badly irritated me. When you pin a content, it uploads the image only and if you are interested in sharing the url of the content, you are left with no option other than commenting it. It does not give a neat look.

But wait pinterest has indeed many advantages too like Pinterest is unique in concept; it provides you slight touch of facebook, a separate portion for your youtube passion and a much greater one for flicker. Not only this, it introduces the spirit of Ebay as well in the “Gifts” option where you can pin your content and attach a price tag with it. You can make money with it or at the very least, used it as a support to your e-bay business. It seems as if this mix plate is determined to rule the future i-market.

Decision Time:

It was our responsibility to show you both sides of the picture. A greater part of our post was about why you should take some time to make decision but at the same time , we can not stop ourselves from pointing out most distinguish features of pinterest. If you think you can make your pinterest account stunning enough without these features then probably, you may quit all other networking sites. It is so easy, so colorful and it is addictive.
Decision is all yours!

About Author:

Guest post by Rahmeen Ahmad Khan. She is MBT”s Gold Star Contributor. She is a tech savvy person who loves writing on technology and enjoys finding simple solutions to tech problems.

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  1. Even I have stopped using it. When I started using it I saw it giving me some traffic but now I ain’t receiving a single visitor even after updating my account regularly.

    I find it really frustating and don’t want to waste my time over it…….

  2. i think you don’t know what is Pinterest. so you are writing crap. really pinterest is for designer to introduce there art etc, it is not a chat site lol. there are lot for this crappy chats

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