10 Tips To Increase YouTube Views & Make More Money

Guest Post By: Syed Faizan Ali, a Young Teenage who owns a technology blog at MyBloggerLab.com Inspired from MyBloggerTricks

increase-youtube-viewsYouTube is always been a spicy topic for every user as it’s the only online video broadcasting service which is vastly used by users all round the world. It’s the only video broadcasting website which is ranked among the top 10 websites of the world Dailymotion and Metacafe are also in the race but they are way behind of YouTube. There are Tons and millions of videos on almost every topic so if you upload a video on YouTube there are very high chance that your video might not generate the views as you are expecting. It’s becoming very difficult to generate traffic for your videos on YouTube until you don’t have good list of subscribers or you have the ability to create new unique videos. The biggest reason why you are not pulling traffic from YouTube is due to the lack of guidance. After reading today’s post I am sure you will not only improve your YouTube Video views but you will also able to generate revenue from YouTube.

1. Creating a Fresh Looking Profile:

First you have to start off from beginning just like other social networking website Facebook and Twitter it’s important to make your profile interesting to attract subscribers. If some one watched and liked your video and he wanted to learn more about and when he reached your profile and he saw it’s not even filled properly then he will never bother to even check your other videos. So is important to make your profile attractive, try to list little information about you. Don’t over filled your profile keep in mind we are using YouTube as a source of business.

2. Including Subscribe Now Link in Your Videos

To pull off views for your videos you have to increase the list of subscribers. To increase the subscribers try to insert subscribe now link in your videos. You could insert the link in starting, end of the video, In the description of the video, for more desirable result you can include the link through out the video.

3. Building A Decent Video:

You don’t need to become a professional video maker to make your video successful in YouTube. All you need is a bit of determination try to make videos of decent quality. Remember to keep your video short up to 5 to 7 minutes as user doesn’t like to watch longer videos. If you think uploading HD (High Definition) videos is the solution to get views then you are wrong no doubt HD videos has its importance but if you have a video with decent video and audio quality for sure your videos will generate views.

4. Promoting Your Video On FaceBook:

Promoting your videos is very important to drive traffic for you YouTube videos. Facebook plays key role is distributing videos all over the internet as Facebook allow user to share their videos with there friends due to which a never ending chain of sharing starts which promotes your video on automation

5. Posting Videos Frequently:

Try to Post videos frequently at least one video a week. Posting videos in a series will not only increase your views but it will also plays its role in increasing your subscribers and users will visit your videos on daily basis if you bring some thing new and fresh every time.

6. Posting Video Response in YouTube

Unlike other Video Broadcasting website YouTube has a unique feature of posting video response. We should try to take all possible advantages from if. On this ocation you have to search the richest video on the YouTube related to your niche and try to post video response to it. Remember: Only post response on such video related to your niche.

7. Making your Viewers Happy:

This is the most important part to keep your audience educated and happy. Always try to reply to the comments of your user this will increase the users trust in you and they will respect you. Never ever try to get bored of your users communicate with them until they get satisfied. Having a friendly nature with your viewers is always great. If some one tries to bull you around or gave any negative reply stay calm and reply with peace if you failed to do so you might lose your audience.

8. Making Your Video Searchable

It’s important to select your video title wisely if you video is related to gadgets and you named the video with entertainment so you video will not reach its desirable audience. To make your video searchable try to make the title of the video unique from others , insert important keywords in your title as well as description, select the correct category, fill the video tags intelligently remember not to over done it just 10 to 15 tags are good enough to boost traffic other wise it will consider as spam.

9. Promoting your video via Commenting:

To get even more viewers try to search a good video related to your niche and post a good comment on that video with your profile link any one who would read your comment could visit your profile and the chance is very high that he might view your videos and if you liked your videos then he may apply to become your subscriber.

10. Making Videos of Good Length:

There is no limitation on videos length but as I have already told you try to make your video as short as you can remember viewers at YouTube don’t like to view long videos they want every thing in very short time. So if you create a video of 10 to 15 minutes then for sure no one will ever watch the full video till the end.

YouTube is the website which is broadcasted by you so after implementing these tips in few days you will feel  a sudden change in your video views and soon after few months your list of subscribers will also increase.

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