10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in Pakistan

 Expensive Clothing Brands in PakistanFashion industry has always been a focal point in terms of embracing change. Pakistan, having its unique tradition touch in its fashion has always inspired the people outside the nation. Thanks to the fashion designers who are always ready with innovations in fashion, Pakistan enjoys a good reputation in the fashion field. If you are brand conscious or looking for the most prominent yet expensive clothing brands in Pakistan, here is where you will find the most updated list.

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1. Deepak Perwani

deepak perwani most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

Deepak started his career as a menswear line in 1994 and a couple of years later experimented with the women wear line that changed what people wore in Pakistan. His designs are bold and confident and depict the modern contemporary style. Deepak recently launched his lawn collection. He has also made the largest kurta for a 53 meter person which got his name listed in the record book.

2. Maria B.

maria b most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

Maria graduated from Pakistan School of Fashion Design and set up her company in 1999. MARIA.B, the first professional fashion house of Pakistan has created a revolution in a span of just eight years. The designs range from casuals, evening wear, bridal wear and also western.

3. Khaadi

khaadi most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

Khaadi is known for blending tradition with style. It was started by Shamoon Sultan in 1998 and since then is delivering hand woven cloth of the best quality. Khaadi also features hand woven home products and accessories.

4. Amir Adnan

amir adnan most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

Amir Adnan is a fashion label for men. It includes kurtas and is especially known for redesigning sherwani. ‘FNK Asia’, designed by Huma Adnan also comes under the same label and features a blend of street fashion and traditional art to give a chic look to girls.

5. Junaid Jamshed

junaid jamshed most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

Junaid Jamshed’s clothing line known as J. features dresses for men, women and children. The label mostly contains bright and vibrant floral and geometric prints with long shirts.

6. Thredz

thredz most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

The thredz collection focuses embellishments of modern and traditional designs. The boutique dresses include Kurti collection, wedding and party wear and also traditional frocks.

7. Generations

generations most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

A husband and wife duo started this label in 1983. Initially they started delivering their tie and dye and ajrak work to other retail stores later opening their own store. They now focus on vibrant colors, trendy styles and modern cuts which cater women of all ages.

8. Chinyere

Chinyere most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

This is a brand started by Bareeze and includes formal, semi formal and casual wear. The clothing line includes embellishments, appliqué, embroidery and beading to reflect the rich Pakistani culture and tradition through clothes.

9. Ego

ego most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

Ego is a style popular among young women. The label mainly features bright colored plain shirts with flowy and stylish cuts. It has a unique way of adding motifs to the long kurtas to make them look western and funky.

10. Needle Impressions

Needle-Impressions most exspensive clothing brand in Pakistan

Needle Impressions is a designer embroidered range of the finest quality fabric. They provide trendy, stylish and elegant designs for women of all ages.

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