YouTube Again Blocked In Pakistan As Response to “Innocence of Muslims”

youTube blockedTaking a deeper look in the recent years of E-Media establishment, it has been seen the online world is often violating the limits that it should follow. Pakistan, being an Islamic State has blocked the most popular Video Sharing Website that we know as YouTube Because of the anti-Islam Film, Xinhua, been uploaded on YouTube few hours back.

The Issue

According to the latest reveals that are leaked from the officials, Pakistan has blocked about 700 links on Anti-Islamic principles. Not only Pakistan, but the matter is taken into counter in other Muslim Countries too. It was due to this Issue that an entire day was dedicated to the protests against it within Pakistan which further created an opportunity to the peace violators in the country to create civil aggression.

youtube blocked in Pakistan

The Repercussion

It was recently that the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudhry took an action against the act of showing disrespect to the Last Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) and directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block all the links to this Movie. Followed by Xinhua, All the sacrilegious material is now down in Pakistan. Further, a report of this issue is also claimed in the Supreme Court.


Behind The Scene

While talking about the clause, PTA mentioned about their official letter that they wrote to the YouTube Owners, asking them to remove these anti-Islamic clips, however, the company showed reluctance in understanding Muslims Feeling and replied that they had not make any such agreements with Government of Pakistan.


It was also explained in this report that each day, hundreds of such clips are added on YouTube and keeping a check on all these links on daily basis. Up till now, there are 122 anti Islamic websites that are blocked in the country within few recent days.

YouTube is Still Accessible!

Although the news is penetrating in the online world such that the entire site has been blocked by PTA, However, the reality still exists that the site is still functional but the links are blocked only.

An appeal is also been made by the officials to the public, requesting them to report such videos and links immediately to the PTA via phone or an e-mail.

youTube blocked

With the entire day of protests countrywide, resulting in clashes that leaded in injuries and few deaths within the country, The issue has finally come to an end with the blockage of these anti- Islam Clips on YouTube.

We Hope that the situation gets better and the YouTube take this matter seriously to provide safeguards to its users, especially on sensitive issues like Religion and national integrity.

Best Wishes

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