Write Articles and Make Money Online – 2012

article-writingIf you don’t want to invest your time and money in blogging, then here is the best and the most decent way available for you. It’s the quickest method to get paid online for your effort. The best part about Article writing is, you simply have to invest nothing, but your talent of writing. All you need is a unique style (which we will discuss further in detail), a strong grammar and a good vocabulary. But as I have always said that you need to bring out an X- factor to achieve you desired goals.

Here are the following instructions that will guide you how you can make the best use of your writing abilities and make money online.

1. Signup for making money

Internet is the biggest market these days, this is what I believe. There are thousands of sites that pay for article writing, out of which, half are spam. But this obviously does not mean that this niche is a flop one to make money. You need to search about the authentic sites that are actually paying money for good articles. You need some kind of assistance here. You can either read reviews about such sites, explore about their working principle and the people who are actually getting benefitted by it. for instance, there are sites like AssociatedContent.com and eHow.com, and they pay around $1.50 – $2.00 per thousand views, however , the first thing you need to know is the site policy’s availability in your country.

2. Spread the magic

Just like initiating any other thing, you need a clear planning here too. Start it up by jotting down your points on a piece of paper. It’s a fact that neither me, nor you know everything about every topic, so a good approach is to make things authentic and relevant by doing a deep research and extracting only the useful matter from it.
Good enough, now you have your points in hand about what you will be speaking. Start your article keeping in mind that you need to grab your reader’s mind in the first two lines of your article. Go through your article again and again, correcting all the flaws, Ending your article decently.

3. Play with the strategy

You make money with the views your articles achieve. The more you attract people, the better your earnings will be. Now the important thing here is, you need to understand the importance of search engine favorite keywords in your article. Writing more popular topics and utilizing profitable keywords will help you earn more money online writing articles.

4. Work done? Submit it!

The final step is to deliver your best piece to its destination. After you have completed writing your articles, you need to submit them to major search engines. Like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So you see, article writing is a simple and yet the most efficient method to make money, all you need is a self confidence that you are capable of producing some mind blowing piece of article that can attract followers.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I actually often write my articles in short sessions (I usually don’t hit publish right away, but that is to make sure it reads well an hour later!) and I sometimes worry that I write them “too quickly” but I definitely am always on a clock and don’t want to spend hours on each article. Take care!

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