How Women in Pakistan can Make Money from Home?

Women can Make Money in PakistanCashing your talent and making money from home is an easy way that can be used by women of those countries where they find it difficult to actually go into the real world and earn money, just like in Pakistan. If you are a woman and think that you are wasting your time and capabilities by sitting idle at home, try making a use of it by following any one of the 10 ideas through which women in Pakistan can make money from home!

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You just need to review where you good at. Are you good at compounding colors over a paper or think if you ever had an appreciation over a recently crafted shimmering flowers and stars over your scarf or shirt, may be you can give it a short here. Paint over paper/pots/candles/at the corners of your home or get few plain shirts and evolve them into a complete fancy style that your neighbor would love to buy. If you have been wearing clothes stitched and design by you, it’s not too late to launch your own tailor house.

2)Love baking

It’s time to get the favor back from all those people for whom you have been baking day and night just to make their birthday splendid. Turn your passion into a business and price your taste and effort because it’s not wrong to say, “I deliver cakes too, if you need again I would love to take your order”. The key for your home bakery to get started is to bake and take it into the party, once they know, it worth it, they will take it and definitely come back to you again.

3)Beauty saloon

It’s a dream of women to look good and she is always ought on an odyssey to find a beauty salon. If you have been experimenting over yours and your cousins and sisters’ hairs entire life, then it’s time for you to open the Pandora’s box of your experiments and experience and let others get their hair done by you. Learn simple things of a daily wear like an eye make-up, party make-up, cutting, threading and get the poster done at the front wall of your door offering the basic beauty care. If you think you knew a homemade formula to stop hair fall/glowing skin/ moisturizers then put them on sale, women is just going to love you if it works unexpectedly amazing.

4)Sale if you got too many

If you are living close to a wholesale market and if you come to know about that the same thing is available in a higher price somewhere else, then do not wait, set-up an eBay store put the price on with your commission in it but make sure that it is reasonable to cost you that and enjoy selling within minutes.

5)Writing online

Words and your thoughts are precious to somebody somewhere; you just need to find who he is. People may not know about earning by writing online, but it is one the amazing ways to earn. It could be anything either you can find a work to edit, rewrite or make your own story, whatever the way it is, it is going to get you good bucks plus it’s interesting to read amazing things. It may take your couple of hours within a day but you won’t realize the moment you will start writing.

6)Be a teacher

If you are helping your child to do his homework and he is able to score well or if you are good at teaching do not waste your time. Get the poster done and place it near your localities and get started with primary or secondary class tuitions at your home. Tutor doesn’t always teach textbook, they can taught us to cook, to craft, to carved, to dance, to speak, etc. You just need to think for a minute what you good at and how much you can tolerate the silly mistakes and questions by your student.


If you love writing, and you have been writing for somebody that is giving you a hard time and making you go crazy, then it’s time to stop writing for them and finally start writing for you. Write every day, over topics you like, discuss what you think is important to a community you targeted and whenever you get time bring a change, your readers will love it and so do you when they will click over the adds you will display in between your text. Do not forget you don’t need to own a ghost blog, be active, because with increase creativity there is a big traffic, and with traffic comes big money.

8) Virtual assistant.

You don’t need to rush to somebody to fix an appointment nor have you to see your boss to remind him, you can do everything on call, and that’s what we call a virtual assistant. If you got your phone, and you know a pretty good call package, all what you need to do is to see who is looking for a virtual assistant. Apply and get hold with your phone because you need to stay updated to keep your boss updated.

9)Sell gifts baskets

There are many occasions where you may need a basket such as weddings, Christmas, birthdays, etc. where you need to present your wonderful gift spectacularly. If you are good at decorating a basket with all those flowers and ribbons, get them done and ask your nearby shop keepers to place them in turn of some commissioned money. You are going to enjoy and have fun while decorating and you will always find yourself exploring a new idea and so you will feel happy because you inventing something which people love.

10)Offer personal assistance

If your neighbor is an office worker and she has 2 kids to look after, you can offer the services, you can also offer to look for everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, paying their bills, etc. over which you can get paid per job or by hour.

These are one of the simple ideas for you to explore, do share your comments if you find them easy to implement


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  1. Nida Sister great work for women. in this post you describe many way to earn but i like the most to earn with teaching. i think its best way to earn handsome money. phr bhi thanks or sharing your words.

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