8 Ways Women Can Earn Online Without A Website

Ten-Ways-Women-Can-Earn-Online-Without-A-WebsiteStarting a business in real world may burn a hole in your pocket. Entrepreneurship and freelancing is a rage today. Setting up an online business requires less or no investment. This is one of the significant reasons why “work from home” sounds like a perfect idea for womens and to some extent mens too. 

Womens who have responsibilities of their household work can opt for working online. Most of the online businesses or work allows you to work for flexible hours from home.

Below are best and most flexible ways women can earn online without even setting up a website. The following online jobs do not require technical skills.

1. Become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a profitable business where you can earn commission by selling other people’s products or services. If you are not aware how affiliate marketing works, read this post to learn to basics of affiliate marketing – Affiliate Marketing – Basics, Advantages and Disadvantages.

The good news is – Many companies allow marketers to sell the affiliate products via social media or e-mails. There is no need to setup a website.


2. Be a social media manager

If you are good at relationship marketing, content marketing and can create successful social media campaigns you are the right person to be a social media manager. Small business owners hardly get time to manage all their social media accounts. That’s when social media managers come to their rescue.

The more experienced and value you provide the more payout you can expect. Social media managers with proven track record of maintaining profiles may even get paid more than content creators. These jobs are posted on freelance sites such as Elance and similar.

3. Be a freelance writer

If you enjoy writing, freelance writing projects can help you earn for doing what you already love. Freelance job sites like Elance and Odesk can help you get opportunities to write. Blogs and even company sites hire freelance writers.

You can earn big money if you have

– Experience,

– Samples, and

– Testimonials.

4. Self Publishing

This will require some time, efforts and patience. Your first book may out help you earn big but as you build credibility you can earn huge money.

If you are good at writing a good copy or you’re a good writer, you must try “Self publishing”. You can publish your books on Amazon, market yourself and sell it.

5. Showcase your talent

Yes, Tellenge-websiteyou can earn just by showing off what you’re best at. Tellenge is one such global platform which will promote you if you are talented.

You can participate in monthly competitions held at Tellenge.com.

There are global contests, they ask for no participation fees and the winner is decided by viewer’s votes.

6. Udemy Courses

If you consider yourself as an expert in anything, you can start a course at Udemy. Udemy supports various kinds of courses including music, marketing, designing, language, etc.

Ensure that your Udemy course has an attractive title. Plan out the entire post very carefully and interestingly. If you are working with videos, audios and images make sure they are of high quality. Videos always work better than presentations.

7. Be a micro worker

Microworkers.com is an international platform which helps employers find employees for a micro job. The reason they call it as a micro job because the tasks or jobs you get there can be completed in minutes.

Some examples of micro jobs include – writing a comment, writing a review, bookmarking work, creating backlinks, testing a website or providing feedback, etc.

The payouts are low. The tasks get completed in minutes so you can’t expect a higher pay rate.

8. Customer service representative

If you are a person with lots of patience and good computer skills you can choose to be a customer service representative.

All you might have to do is talk to customers on phone while you operate your computer, or have an online chat. Companies like Arise (arise.com) and Convergys (convergys.com) accept such applicants.



A lot of blogs will claim earning online is easy but it takes patience and persistence to earn a living online. I hope this list helped you to find a job perfect for you to earn online.

Comment below and let me know which job appeals to you the most. Share this post with your friends, family and colleagues.



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