Windows9 Features : How different it could be?

windows 9 FeaturesIts easy to guess that Microsoft is working really hard to keep on going the developments maintaining and in fact boosting the pace. It was only now when Microsoft released it Windows 7 operating system which was totally a new Product in terms of features as compared to the long surviving Windows XP. Consumers were not out of the Windows 7 craze when Microsoft released it’s Magnificent Windows 8 which is again a total surprise package with features so unlike than that of all previous Versions of Microsoft’s Operating System. It is easy now to predict another revolution which will be a superset of Windows 8 too.

We have been writing on Windows 8 since a very long time, keeping an eagle’s eye on every move that the upcoming OS has been taking. Its easy to predict the upcoming add ons in the existing windows 8 as well as to predict the fundamental features of expected Windows 9 which would soon appear on screen in coming years.

Metro UI –Just the Beginning

All my readers, who have been following our Windows 8 series, must have understood one thing for sure that the feature which has become the identity of Windows 8 is its Metro User Interface. However, a close observation to the trend been set by Microsoft predicts that Metro UI is just the beginning of a revolutionized approach of User Interface. Windows 9 will enhance the classic “Desktop” interface.

new hope metro ui

Microsoft will build Metro or an equivalent tablet-style UI, as the leading gauge of Windows 9, which will compel the company to find a number of ways to make an easy interface complex when it’s necessary. However, it’s important to involve a tighter integration of Windows Explorer in Metro.

Tablets will rule

Windows 8 ON tablets

Windows 8’s existing features that are introduced in Consumer Preview has emphasized greatly on holding on all the devices together. It can be expected that Windows 9 will be a super set in this case. With the increasing trend of tablets, Windows 9 will have special features that will turn on your tablets in to a compact source of all what you expect from your machine to do. A wonderful enhancement would be the additional attribute of allowing users to use their Kinect 2 motion-trackers to move between screens or send their files moving around different devices. This idea is most genuine to be adopted as when Google can help you out in switching on your lights with your Android Phone, then Windows can at least work on it to shift your central data from device to device

Welcome to Clouds and Valves

Internet users are enjoying the cloud services currently as well, which is however web based. the Sky Drive of Windows and the Google Drive for the Gmail users. Since the idea has been cracked in to the market, its most likely that the windows 9 will add a Cloud service the twill make sure the entire data within the drives stay secured, creating backups of entire Hard drives.

Changing the Entire Layout

I have found this contradicting to the Microsoft’s policy of bringing a change that up till now, the basic outlook has not changed. The same “My computer”, the same monitor icon, and a pretty same way to access the files. Although Windows 8  is a living example that Microsoft is working on changing the outlook, but for now, its only the desktop style that has been changed. Users, like me would love to see some alternative way to provide similar tasks but with a new style.

A New Way Of Multitasking

multitasking in windows 8

Time is precious, undoubtedly, and the best part is, Microsoft believes on this fact. It was only this reason that the two works can now simultaneously be done, by one being the current window and the other hidden behind it (actually terminated) in windows 8. Think about typing on word processor and using a calculator at the same time for possible calculations, you might like to play a game in between your work too, having a continuous chat on a chat box. The Idea is great and by providing the two tasks being done at the same time, there are wide chances that windows 9 will introduce this kind of a frame work, partitioning the screen into sub screens with active interface, where user can use as many applications as he wish to. switching windows, minimizing and then restoring consumes so much of time and it can turn out  to be way too irritating especially when the multiple works are interlinked.

Its always a good practice to keep predicting future when it comes to the hi-tech world. Windows 8 has given us the hope to expect the most wanted features to be added in the next series of Microsoft’s operating system, which will be Windows 9 most probably.

Do share what would you like to see in Windows 9,

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  3. Hi Nida
    One question. How you think the latest iterations of Windows will suite an application developer’s prospects?
    Windows 8 switches to desktop, when it is all about opening VS, or other SDKS. With NO desktop in future OS iterations, how MS will be offering the same development platform?
    I sit 1.5mtr away from my 22″ wide screen desktop monitor and I will not be using my “fingers” to touch and code, for sure 🙂


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