30 windows8 Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys You Must Know!

windows 8 Short KeysAt this time of life where the survival is almost impossible without having short cuts due to the busy schedules, Windows 8 has played a safer game by introducing many hotkeys that are an added feature which is responsible for windows 8 consumer preview’s popularity. We have been sharing some best tips and tricks with our readers to make their windows 8 experience an easy one. After discussing in detail how you can create the shortcuts and set them to your desktop, it is time to learn simple hotkeys to make windows 8 handling quick, efficient and interesting. Think about how it would have been if you had to always copy and paste by using the mouse in spite of simply pressing “ctrl + C” and “ctrl+ V”, the thought itself is irritating. Isn’t it?

So here are some of the most useful short keys that will surely reduce your work, making life easy and obviously saving your time collectively.

1.Windows key:

I will be referring it as Win from now, is the queen of Windows 8. You can see your metro Start screen by pressing it; you can switch your screen between start screen and the last-running Metro app

2.Win + D:

Now this one is easy to remember with ‘D’ and Desktop. With this hotkey you can minimize or restore all the open windows in your desktop mode.

3.Win + Q:

You can see all installed applications with this short key without following a long path to control panel’s program option.

4.Win + type keyword :

Search for your applications as simply as possible with it.

5.Win + W :

You cannot search for settings and options with the above stated shortkey. There is a separate short key to search settings that is win + W.

6.Win + I:

Set your sidebars including settings of control panel, screen brightness, sound, etc.

7. Win + P:

Enables you to connect multi monitors to your machine, especially needed when attaching an external projector.

8.Win + Z:

It  Shows App Bar in Metro applications.

9.Win + X :

you can access the power user shortcut menu which includes Device Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Power Options  and many more.

10. Win + J:

controls focus between snapped Metro apps.

11. Win + Page Up / Down:

Moves full-screen Metro application to the secondary monitor.

12. Win + Left / Right arrow :

Moves and snaps desktop applications in that direction, or to a different monitor.

13. Win + Tab:

this is what we all have been using in windows 7 and Vista as well. you can switch to any open application via it.


14. Win + L:

Just as you lock you cellphone, you can now lock your windows screen too. This is added ingredient of windows 8 .

15. Win + C :

Displays the “Charms”: the Settings, Devices, Share and Search options

16.Win + E :

If you are in search of  an Explorer in your Windows 8, this Short key will make things easy for you.

17.Win + F :

Just like in other versions of Microsoft’s operating system, you can search all the files that exist in your system.

18.Win + H :

It enables you to Share what all you want,

19. Win + K :

it opens the Devices pane

20. Win + M :

Performs exactly the same function to minimize and maximize the current Explorer or Internet Explorer window

21.Win + O :

toggles device orientation lock on and off

22. Win + Q :

open the App Search pane

23. Win + R :

As there is not start button in Windows 8, users find it difficult to search for the run box.  This Key opens the Run box.

24.Win + U :

You can open the Access Centre with it.

25. Win + V :

Get notified with this hot key

26. Win + + :

You can always magnify to see a zoomed in screen with it.

27.Win + – :

once you are zoomed in, its always a hindrance to get out of it. you can easily zoom out with it

28. Win + , :

keep a check of your desktop with Aero peek at the desktop with this short key.

29. Win + Enter :

You can  launch Narrator whenever you are confused at ant point.

30. Windows Key + Shift + :

Docks the app to the left, middle, or right side of the screen with each press.

These were the most important Short Keys that one should know if he plans to switch to Windows 8 consumer Preview. Using Hot keys reduces your times and you should start utilizing the short cuts that Microsoft has created for you only. Do share your favorite short cuts if I have missed some.


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