Who Will Inherit Google After Larry Page And Sergey Brin?

Inherit Google After Larry Page And Sergey BrinSuccessful businesses which are once launched as a result of long lasting partnership, often lands in dissolution. Ever thought of the future of your favorite search engine while searching anything on it? If not, then here comes a point to consider. Who do you think will inherit Google after Larry Page and Sergey Brin let us say, after 40 years? Unlike the Walmart Corporation, Google Inc. is a trickier one especially in terms of its shares and stakeholder rights.

Here are some of our predictions based on the researches and the experiences in the business world.

How Google started?

It was rather a plan of destiny or a luck factor for the two that Larry Page and Sergey Brin met each other at Stanford University as graduates in computer science in 1995. Brilliant minds calculated corresponding frequencies and by January 1996, the pair began collaborating on writing a program for a search engine dubbed BackRub, named after its ability to do back link analysis.

How Google started

It was actually in 1997 that Google.com got registered as a domain under the name”googol”. By then the mission of Larry and Sergey was basically all limited to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

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Since the very first day of their journey, which they started together, Larry and Sergey have been dealing with all matters of Google.Inc with perfection.

Larry’s share in Google

Lawrence Page, known as Larry professionally is currently the CEO of Google. Enjoying a net-worth estimated to be $20.3 Billion, he is ranked as 13th richest American. Page also sits on the Board of Directors of Google.

Larry Page contribution in Google

Larry Page married Lucinda Southworth on Necker Island in 2007 and has two children out of this marriage.

Sergey’s share in Google

Co-founder of Google,Sergey Brin, has a personal wealth estimated to be $24.4 Billion. Together, Brin and Page own about 16% of the total shares of Google.Inc.

sergey brin share in google

Apart from his Google shares, Brin is working on more personal projects that reach beyond Google. For example, he and Page are trying to help solve the world’s energy and climate problems at Google’s philanthropic arm Google.org, which invests in the alternative energy industry to find wider sources of renewable energy. The company acknowledges that its founders want “to solve really big problems using technology”.

Brin married Anne Wojcicki in May 2007 and out of their marriage, they have a son, born in December 2008, and a daughter, born in late 2011.

Who will inherit Google Business?

google business

Being a .Inc. the corporation seems to have a secure future for now as the two partners seem to have make sure they and their families have a safe suture anyway. It is really not possible to depict the future of Google after these two building blocks of this search engine.

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