Why You Wouldn’t Like Google AdSense?

Google AdSenseBlogging is one big thing. The people who understands the complete meaning of blogging will always get success in their online venture, but for people who have started a blog just for the sake of earning money, without knowing anything about blogging will only become friends with failure. Not even such newbie bloggers, but also people who are well aware of blogging will think of monetizing their blog. Ask any blogger you know, which program do want to monetize your blog and the ultimate answer will be Google Adsense.

Frankly saying even I also entered the blogosphere with an aim to earn some quick bucks but as I got more and more exposed to blogging, I understood it is not just about making money but it is something that connects you with different people in the world. My main aim was to get approval from Adsense but today, for me, money making has a completely different meaning. Now I don’t like Adsense at all. Forget about Adsense, I don’t like PPC ads. Why is it so ?? Well, read on.

What is Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is a monetizing program that pays you per click. Once you get an approval from Adsense, the ads will be displayed on your blog and Google will pay you on the basis of how many clicks you get on the ads. Thus it is a PPC (Pay per click) program. Every blogger dreams of getting approved from Adsense while I dream in a complete different direction. Read on why?

Is it good ?

Of course it is good. No, it is the best PPC network today. It offers the best return compared to other PPC ad networks. You can get $1 to $10 per click from Adsense. If you have a more popular blog with high traffic then the above numbers can increase further. It have the potential to become the biggest money maker of your blog. It would be the biggest bargain if you are looking for a pay-per click program in your blog.

Why People use Google Adsense ?

In a way using Adsense can be a boon for bloggers. As said above, it is the best pay-per click (PPC) program and offers more money per click compared to other PPC programs. Other reason people use Adsense is to earn some money and pay their hosting bills or some membership fees. There are some blogs earning quite a decent amount of money from Adsense and there are other blogs depending fully on Google Adsense for earning money. This is another reason why people go for Adsense. They see some people out there making more money from Adsense and think that if there are people making thousands from Google Adsense then they too can. But I don’t think you can.

What’s the disadvantage of using Google Adsense ?

People in a bid to earn money use Adsense but they don’t know that you may be promoting your rival blog. Shocking, huh ?? But it is a truth. It might be possible that you are facing a tough time in getting ahead of some other blog and that blog owner might also be trying to do that. In this race, he can can spend some dollars and take the help of Google Adwords to promote his blog. And if his ad is displayed on your blog then what will happen ?? Your readers will surely get lured to his blog by the keywords he has used in the ad. If your blog is much popular then you don’t have to worry from about such tactics but if you are trying to build a blog then I suggest you to stay away from Adsense. Once you have a blog with a large number of loyal readers, a large number of subscribers then you can give it a try. But don’t totally depend on it. Use other programs as well to enjoy a static income flow.

The biggest drawback…

The biggest hurdle between you and Adsense is the approval process. The approval process of Adsense is so difficult and that too in a two-step process. I applied three times and got disapproved every time. It is the toughest thing to get approval from Adsense and even if you get approved who knows when they ban you. This is another thing I hate about it. If you made thousands of dollars from Adsense and the next month you get a mail saying you are banned and not a single dollar your blog made is given to you. How will you fell at such a moment ?? Of course you will feel bad and you will surely abuse Google for such behaviour. But you can’t do anything about it. They can ban you anytime without giving any appropriate reason. Recently Zac Johnson faced the wrath of Google Adsense as his account got banned. So I am saying don’t depend fully on Adsense for earning money.

Other programs with high returns

If your blog is doing quite well, gaining a good number of daily visitors, then you can earn much more money than what you earn from Adsense. The program like BuySellAds is the best if you are the owner of a popular blog. Just advertise the products and get payed each month. You also have the control of which advertisements are displayed on your blog. But the approval process here is also a bit tough. Something that really excites me is Affiliate marketing. Just sign up, get the code, place banners and earn commission when a visitor makes a purchase via your blog. This can earn you a 5-figure income if you are getting a heavy flow of traffic. It is even possible to make a 6-figure sum. Quite mouth-watering, isn’t it? You can even try Social Spark. Even if your blog is getting 1000 pageviews a month, then also you can make a decent amount of money from it.

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Final words

The above post is fully based on my own personal views and opinions. After exploring other money-making programs, I felt that going for Adsense can be a mistake. That’s all. But it’s your take. Your blog, your decision. It’s all upto you whether you want to use Adsense or not ?? Happy blogging.

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