Why Pro-Bloggers Lie About their income Reports?

Why Pro-Bloggers Lie About their income ReportsThese days when the online earning mechanism is on its peak and the id3ea is widely cashed by a lot of opportunists all over the world,  Blogging Remains the best way of making money online. If you have gone through the list of top 10 most earning bloggers, you would find that they are actually earning much more than an employee who works 9 hours a day and yet not able to make up to that of amount that the professional bloggers make all the way from their living room. Though, the numbers that they share online are fascinating to attract the readers. The reality is a bit different from what is apparently to shown the followers.

 Here is a bit of a reality that you must know in case you are planning to turn yourself into a blogger with a dream to earn similar to the pro-bloggers who fake about their income reports.

Revenue From AdSense

Lie about Google adsense earning

For a blogger,  Google AdSense is the first road way to aim to earn something initially. Agreeing on its truthness, it is important to understand that Google does not pay you a 100% share of the amount that your blog is entitled for. To be accurate, the blogger gets in hand, the 60-65 percent of the share that he is eligible for while he shows the absolute amount that is apparently larger than his earnings. The amount earned.

BuySellAds Earning

Just after a blogger is done with the creation of Google Adsense Account and all the formalities enclosed, helis major aim is to make some money by offering his site to the Buysellads.  Professional bloggers are found speaking about how amazingly their income has received a boost from buysellads, but again, they get around 65-75% of the amount that they show virtually. This leads upto the point of thought where it can be concluded that the amount been generated from AdSense and Buysellads is only 65-75% of the total earnings displayed as medals in the income report of the professional bloggers!

Pay per Click and Actual Theory!

There do exists the concept of PPC and no doubts it does contribute to the earnings gathered but they are not the major contributors in making a professional blogger rich. In fact, they get commissions for only active products which are purchased by visitors and not for the visitors who do  sign-up for and then leaves the page without making any purchases or orders. So if a web hosting company shows the bloggers that they have earned 12 commissions then they would be paid only for those commissions which are active in status and which are purchased by their visitors

That means that in actual they would receive a payment for only  5 or 6  commissions out of 12

Why not to lie about their earnings?

What motivated you to launch yourself as a blogger in case you are one? An experience of a pro blogger around most probably. The level of motivation often leads the new comers into the other side when they get distract from the large figures and get demotivated when they know no matter how much they try they will never be able to earn that much.

Moreover, it is ethically not a good practice to showoff your income which is in reality not what you are showcasing. Further more,this can create a negative impact in bloggers and destroy them morally.

By the end of this, here we come as a message that Blogging is not only about money – It has high moral grounds, so it is really not good to lie about incomes when one is not even actually earning that much.

Keep working hard in the right direction and do not let your morale down by big figures!

Happy Blogging!

11 thoughts on “Why Pro-Bloggers Lie About their income Reports?”

  1. Great sharing. Mostly pro bloggers have very good income streams developed either through their blog’s traffic or affiliate commissions. Whereas wannabe pro bloggers (newbies) try to deceive their readers to attract more traffic.

  2. Hi Nida,

    Been here for the first time, and loved what you shared. I do agree with you that some people fake their earning reports and proofs – which can be easily done by using browser’s developer tools.

    That being said, some are making fortunes online. One only needs to find the right kind of guy to follow!

  3. Hi Nida Sis,

    Happy to see you again after a long time. BTW the way you have raised a very important issue. I am just sick of that, Nearly all the Pro bloggers were sharing fake income reports with their readers which demotivate the readers.

    Because they was unable to make such income.

    Those all lies were taking those Pro Bloggers towards failure, and they don’t know about it. That’s Why I love the thought of Mustafa that I do not share my income reports!

    Again Congratulations on joining STC back! 🙂

    ~ Umair Akram

  4. Hi Umair, its always good to hear from readers like you who does follow us and the content we write to keep them updated. Yes, brother, it is seriously a dilemma. Wish pro-bloggers show some professionalism in real mean

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