Why Politicians And Celebrities Use Twitter But Not Facebook Often?

Why-Politicians-And-Celebrities-Use-Twitter-not-facebookMany celebrities and politicians are often found more active on Twitter than Facebook. This made us curious to dig out the facts and find some reasons why celebs hate Facebook.

Yes, there are many VIPs active on Facebook but on comparison Twitter seems to be winning the race. Below are the four reasons why celebrities and politicians find Twitter more engaging than Facebook.

1. Tweeple spread celeb content virally more often than other Web users.

Tweeple (People who use Twitter) are more likely to share content shared by the celebs. That doesn’t means Facebook users fail to make celebrity status updates viral but compared to Twitter the virality on Facebook is hard to achieve.

The Most Viral Tweet

According to Social media researcher Dan Zarrella,”Tweeple slightly more likely than non-Twitterers to share new content on Facebook, twice as likely to post it on social media sites like Digg or Reddit and about three times as likely to repost content in a blog.” (Reported by the Forbes).

2. More restrictions on Facebook.

Facebook lets you add 5000 friends only. Even if celebs had Facebook accounts they would not accept friend requests. Which means fans would be following their updates but could not comment on it depending upon the settings.

Talking about fan pages, if the message option is open; there comes ton of spam messages. Whereas on the other hand, Twitter does not allow non-followers to send direct messages at all.

Twitter has no restrictions on Followers or following count which gives celebrities freedom to have Millions of followers.

3. Twitter is more friendly to normal users and celebrities.

Whether Twitter users follow a celeb or not, they always have access to read anyone’s tweet, and favorite or re-tweet it. Generally no celebrity uses privacy options.

On the other hand, on Facebook, pages are more vulnerable to spam. Maybe to avoid spam celebrities use Twitter.

4. Connecting to Celebrities is much more easier on twitter.

It is way more easier to talk to celebrities, politicians, influencers and experts on Twitter than Facebook. Your comment under a celeb’s Facebook post might get buried in the notifications. But on Twitter your tweet itself will be shown as an individual notification.

Celebs are more active on twitter

Twitter has a clever audience which makes the Twitter chats (or interactions) much more interesting and quotable.

5. Why Print and Electronic Media Quotes tweets?

If you are a reader of a news or a gossip website you might have noticed that they quote politicians and celebrities using their tweets and not Facebook status updates.

Wondering why? Here is the reason – Tweet once posted cannot be edited unless deleted. This is the reason why Press and Media often quote politician’s tweets but not Facebook status.

Over to you! 

Do you follow politicians or celebrities? If yes, where do you prefer following them – Twitter or Facebook? Let us know in the comments below.

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