Why Not to Use Fiverr as Money Making Platform

Huge Cut

Fiverr is no doubt one of the largest online marketplaces for five dollar service and has been attracting thousands of users every day to do the craziest things possible. But with so many pros come a lot of convicts as well. The reasons why Fiverr is not a good money making platform are as followed!

5. Rating and Level System

Rating and Level System

It is one of the major drawbacks of the Fiverr since the rating and level system is highly automated and can easily be slanted by the possessions that are not under the control of the seller. If a buyer has asked for five or ten orders at once, it cannot be provided to them but the gigs still get accepted automatically, thus forcing the seller to cancel out the orders and lose their vending level for a short time period.

4. Payment System

Payment System

Sometimes the buyers have complained of the payment system being too slow or costing them too much of the overall fees. This is the main reason why Fiverr is adding more payment options to their websites to help the customers in the arena but at this particular time two weeks waiting period is the standout for all the potential customers and buyers.

3. Noticeability


Many sellers sometimes feel like they are not being noticed on Fiverr even though their gigs have been added into much popular categories. The combination of a seller’s activity has marked effect over the appearance of their gigs. Thus getting orders done and receiving feedbacks by the customers, may all lead you to be featured on the main pages of the website. To get better visibility, you have to be more focused on the forums and in the helping of other website users.

2. Huge Cut

Huge Cut

The biggest disadvantage of using Fiverr is the fact it gets a huge cut out of your earnings. They get one dollar from every five dollar that you have earned which is way expanse than any other money making website.

1. Wait To Get Paid

Wait To Get Paid

This is the most killer thing for all the Fiverr users. Unless the buyer has complete the order you do not get paid a single cent for your services and if he doesn’t then you will have to wait for about five days to get your money but even before that your money has to go through pending clearance process and which takes additional fifteen days to finally get your hands over your earnings.