Why Freelancing Is Better Than Blogging In 2016

Why Freelancing Is Better Than BloggingEver thought why   Freelancing Is Better Than Blogging? Bloggers are freelance writers but most of the freelance writers are not bloggers and therefore there are many differences, pros and cons of both expressions. Freelancing is one of the simplest ways to earn good sum of money online but the person must have very good writing and transcription skills. Blogging on the other hand requires more complicated skills and management abilities which make it hard for bloggers to find them a suitable job. Freelancing is better than blogging in 2016 due to a number of reasons. These reasons Why Freelancing Is Better Than Blogging In 2016 are as shared below.

Monthly earnings

Monthly earnings in freelancing

One of the main reasons as to why freelancing is better than blogging is the salaried or paid money. In freelancing you only have to do a piece of work that you are given and after finishing it, you get the anticipated sum of money. In blogging, you have to keep on writing constantly and keep your work up to date which takes a lot of time before you can see some dollars.


Links in freelancing and blogging

Blogging requires addition of footnotes and hyperlinks. Most of the people are not aware of these terms and are not able to include them in their writing.


A freelance writer usually writes about different topics and different themes by doing good research. After researching, their job is to put that information together in their words which can be done without inherent expertise. In blogging, you have to be expert in the writing field and must continue writing about the given topic over time.


Freelancing is a more simple process than blogging. A blogger must know how to run their blogs and incorporate a number of factors with regular updating of their work.

Wide-range writing

Wide-range writing in freelancing

In freelancing, the writer has options to write small sentences and even small paragraphs. But in blogging, the writer has to stretch the words beyond their true meaning.

Publishing of article

Publishing of article

In freelancing, though the articles are not submitted under the name of the writer but the writer does get aid according to the stuff they have written. On the other hand, a blog is always published under the writers name but it requires extensive hard work to get it issued regularly.


Exclusivity in the online business

Over the time blogging may become boring for the blogger as they are always writing about similar themes and subjects. In freelancing the writer has to write about a number of different topics which keeps their interest in the work intact and their imagination more upbeat.

Use of language


Blogging requires more use of keywords and extensive use of thesaurus in comparison to freelancing. The blogger also have to exchange that particular thesaurus for optimization of search engines so their posts can appear online.

Word count

In freelancing, the writer has to present his work in the given word limit but on the other hand, a blog does not have a word count limitation.

Traffic generation

Traffic generation

As a blogger, writing more blogs is mandatory as it will get you more traffic and niche audience on your site. In comparison to this, freelancing does not require traffic generation or building of niche community of any sort.

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