Which is More Effective- Local Street Billboards or TV Commercial Ads?

Local Street Billboards or TV Commercial AdsMarketing is certainly the root of the success of your business and in case you are dealing with a business that often  requires an updated marketing strategy, you must be aware of the topic, we shall be dealing with, shortly. Whenever it comes to promoting some business, product or any piece of art, the very first thing that comes to the mind is the advertising strategies. The advertisement techniques followed up by a company or a production house in any field put a great impact on the name and fame of the company. Different marketing and promotion techniques have been used as advertising tools to get the company generate a considerable feedback.

TV Commercials as a Tool of Advertising

In today’s world of marketing and advertisement, electronic media has somehow reached up to the mark as most effective source of advertising. TV commercial advertisements can be taken as a mainstream advertising tool these days with a greater number of audiences getting attracted towards the product.

The difference and comparison between outdoor and media advertisement, however, has always been debatable while selecting a way to promote something.

A quick look at the Billboard Marketing

This is how we cant neglect the oldest and very effective billboard advertising methods. People have started advertising on media in an anticipation that billboards are gonna lose their worth after the arrival of radio and TV commercial ads. The situation did not seem to be like it exactly. The impact of billboard advertising is still comparable to that of TV advertisements in many ways.

Here Comes a Comparison!

The exposure to a TV commercial is confined to the situation where the television is turned on and the advertisement is being watched by the viewer. In contrast, billboards make a passer-by put a glance on the advertisement intentionally or unintentionally.

In case you are still not sure what to choose in between, have a further look on Television and billboard advertising with their pros and cons:

  • The content of TV commercials can be music, pictures, motion and graphics which affect the emotions of the audience simultaneously. All these features directly strike the consumers’ reflexes and make them more clear about their products and offers.
  • Looking at an advertisement on billboard is effective in a way that it is left in the memory for longer period of time as compared to the TV commercials, with accurate facts and figures on records.
  • Billboards make the best advertising source for a national or local company in order to get lowest exposure cost and highest reach.
  • TV commercial ads keep updated with changing offers and conditions of the company or product while billboards’ advertisements are just a matter of one time installation.
  • Different municipality laws are there for billboard advertising which are needed to be cleared before making a billboard ad.
  • The cost factor in this regard makes billboard much effective as out of home media attracts masses to a larger extent in comparison to their actual investment for the advertisement.
  • The speed of development of a TV commercial is high in all the ways as compared to billboards. Billboards require time to get installed and being noticed by the viewer.
  • Targeting specific audience is one of the most appealing role played by TV commercials. These ads can be launched according to the type of the program running on the television at that specific time.

Billboards and television advertisements have been an assistance to each other in order to get the maximum number of audience attracted by the campaign. However, TV commercial advertising is keeping itself at a few marks above the billboards advertising as the time passes.

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