Where Should You Put Affiliate Links? Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is one of the many ways you can earn money online. If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can always sell for others and gain profit through a commission. Indeed, it is debatable whether it’s a better practice or not. For one, you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating sales pages or entertaining customer feedback. Affiliate marketing can also turn out to be better than other advertising options if it’s done right. Today, we’ll talk about how to do it right. More precisely, where should you place affiliate links to maximise your chances of earning.

First of all, let me get a few things straight. Affiliate ads are a lot different from conventional ads, so you can’t just take them for granted. They require special attention, and a very different focus. While conventional ads are set up hoping people would click on them automatically, affiliate ads need to be handled with care. Visitors need to be convinced, and you need to provide your reviews and recommendations on the products. Also, nowadays, almost every internet company is offering some sort of affiliate program through which people can refer others to make money. This means almost anyone can set up affiliate links. Now the visitors on your site can just as easily buy products or services through the links set up by the next website that came up in the SERPs. Hence, you need to give potential customers a reason to use your links.

This means that you need to have a decent amount of traffic if you want to earn decently from affiliate programs. There’s no defined limit, but it’d be a good idea if the traffic was above 1,000 daily unique visitors. Once you have the necessary traffic, all you need is to follow a few tips and read the rest of this post to learn more about how you can increase your affiliate income. So let’s get started.

Build a Resource page

If you want to start earning money through affiliate links, then start working on a resource page. A resource page is one where you put links to services and products. These might include the products’ home pages, sign up pages,, download links, and so on. For example, if you are using HostGator or BlueHost as your web host, then you might add a link to them on this page from where others can avail their services as well. Of course, these would be affiliate links, so whenever someone purchases a product or service, you get some percentage as commission.

Resource pages are great. They can do a lot for you. If a visitor trusts you enough, he/she might be interested in what resources you recommend. Remember; this is your recommendation, so you need to provide details as well. Just links won’t do. Recommend quality products which the people would most probably like, because it’s a critical world out there.

Link the product in a blog post

When you want to promote an affiliate product, the best idea usually is to write a post about it. Write about its specifications, features, details, and your personal review etc. Be careful though. Excessive use of this technique may brand you as an over-promotional spammer who just wants to make money. You aim with these posts should be to educate and inform, not to sell your products.

Another way to do this is recommend a product that is related to your blog post. For example, if you are writing about a cooking recipe, you might suggest a good kitchen appliance to your readers and say you recommend it, since it’s easy to use etc.

Banner ads as affiliate links?

Putting banner ads as your affiliate links can prove to be very lucrative if you do it right. I am not saying you dump the other conventional ads such as Google AdSense. But at least give your affiliate ads a try. The great thing is, there is no restriction or rules regarding these ads. You can use banners of any size, and fit them anywhere, working along with your other ads. Most affiliate sites will give you the necessary graphics for different sizes.

You might already know this, but you should always keep experimenting with your banner ads. And not just for affiliate ads. Some combinations might work better than others. Keep changing the sizes and locations of these ads, and see what combination brings in the most revenue for you.

Your own products

If you make and sell your own products, you can embed affiliate links in those products. You can mostly do this with digital products.

Affiliate ads can bring in more money than conventional ads if set up correctly. It will be hard work, but if you realize the full potential of affiliate marketing, it’ll totally be worth it! Good luck referring people 🙂

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  1. Making a post is the best method to get better conversions but it is also necessary to see that the product is good enough for you to recommend it!

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