What Topics To Write On a Newly Launched Blog?

what to write on your blogs- initiative ideasStarting up as a blogger, building a blog is certainly an easy task to do. However, maintaining your blog and taking it to such a level that it turns into an asset from a liability is what blogging is all about. As a blogger you need to have a consistency in writing and producing quality articles on the topics that people are waiting to read. Now this might raise too many questions in your mind about what are the areas that your readers really want to read about. If you question this to yourself, you will find the answer vague. If you ask this to a fellow blogger, there might be a difference of perception, then? There is always a war going on in a blogger’s mind whether to write about what he really likes about or to write about what the readers would like to follow, and to become a professional blogger, you must always go with the later choice.

To make it easier for you to choose your topics that would work really like a magic in enhancing your blog’s productivity, here are the most wanted topics that readers and internet users want to know about.

1) Latest News

If you sit with your Laptop, thinking what to write and nothing initiative clicks your mind, no worries, you can still write on something productive. The world has turn into a place where something is happening every second. Search for your lucky second and write a post on it immediately. Becoming an affective blogger requires you to know, what your readers want to know, Therefore, start following the websites like Cnet, techcrnch as a source and crack the breaking news on your blogs to keep your blog a head in satisfying reader thirsts.

2) Social Media

Although majority of the blogs are taking the help of social media to keep their business moving on, there is always a room for your blog to fit in between. Social Networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are enjoying the most of the traffic at this time, where almost everyone using internet facility is having an account on them. Moreover, these websites always have something to keep them into limelight, sometimes it’s their new features, their tricks and tips been revealed or their never ending controversies taking a new route. The good thing is, their users want to know everything about them. So why not to become a source and enjoy some targeted traffic too?

3) Smartphones

Today, Android phones are one of the best gadgets available in market where people are switching towards it and want to know more about the Android world. Following the trend that already exists in the market, you may earn really huge with considerable traffic following your blog to learn more.

4) Google Products

Everybody likes to stay in limelight,isn’t it? A good news is, Google believes in same policy too. Google that enjoys the privilege of being the largest search engine is always coming up with something. Just following Google itself will give you plenty of topics to write on. This increase the chances Google redirects a great number of readers to your blog.

5) Windows Update

Writing on Windows although will not affect Bill Gates anyway, but can surely bring a lot of Windows users to your blog. For example, writing on Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 Consumer preview can instantly increase your page views as windows is the most widely used operating system and its users look for forums and sites talking about it, highlighting its every move.

Once you decide becoming a blogger with an aim of earning your livings with your blog, you need to consider your blog as your business; A Business where you are the boss and employee at the same time. Your clients are your readers who expect good quality content on the topics they are searching for. If you succeeded in learning what are your readers searching for, you will find blogging as the most productive business that you could ever opt!

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    • Hello Ahmed,
      I just visited your blog buddy and realized that you are a man of commerce I Guess, having a command on Business related niches. As the Blog is a new born, play with Forex Trading, client- contractor relationship, time Management and other soft skills. relate them with business to maximize profit and bring the break-even down.

      Talk about time-Value of money, emphasizing your readers to make their business productive today to enjoy a peaceful tomorrow!

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      • Moreover, topics like, what is a bank?, wont work out dude. play with keywords and SEO tips. Explore Smartearningmethods.com to get a basic know how about these terms

  1. just created a blog “www.iutrix.blogspot.com”

    have a look at it and please tell me why the contents of my blog r covered with that white color tabs?

    got a solution for d same?

    -Regards Roy

  2. I always had a blog but never got something interesting to write on. I searched a lot but could make up with a very few topics. But, Nida, you’ve given me some very interesting ideas, and now I am going to create these ideas into reality on my blogs. Thank you very much Nida. Keep it up!

    (and BTW, your commentluv not working!)

    • Hie Akshay,
      All the Best Wishes from the entire team of SEM For your newly established blog. Things Take time to adjust. Keep working hard.
      Keep following :)_

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