What is Facebook VoIP? How To use it in messenger?

facebook voip voice recordingFacebook always has something fascinating to please its users, adding more charm to its usability and interface. Facebook is a single social networking site that has it all whether you want to keep yourself in touch with your friends and family, want to know their latest moves, interested in knowing what’s happening in your friend’s life or feel like chatting to them day and night as quickly as never was possible, then Facebook is all what you can have as a solution to all.

It was last year that Facebook launched its messenger which however couldn’t win the confidence of the users but somehow it survived. It is now that Facebook has introduced it voicemail facility where the Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android will allow users to record short audio files and send them to their friends by embedding it as a sms on Messenger.

Facebook’s VoIP Calling-An added feature!

Voices reveal what scripts can’t, and playing with the needs of users, Facebook has brought with it a magnificent feature of recording your voice message by pressing the record button now available in Canada on the Facebook Messenger and say your message and send it to your friend. No need to keep typing anymore, express your feelings in your voice now. This new voice message feature has been welcomed by the Facebook society where the users are finding it interesting to record their “60 seconds” message and speak out to their friends without spending a penny.

record button voip

We saw that the Facebook Messenger has its versions and the most extended version allows you to open the received voice message within the messenger, leading to more compatibility and time saving. Just like the feature we used to have in MSN Messenger, the record clip works pretty similar, but what makes it special here is, “Facebook”. It is a fact that people are more time conscious these days and despite of handling multiple accounts and profile to interact with friends, it is better to keep stick to one network which contains the juice of everything to 70%

This new feature is taken as setting up a large-scale Facebook VoIP Network. Although currently, the service is only tested in Canada, running on iOS, it would soon be available to rest of the world.

Would VoIP Be Able to Survive?

Facebook and SkypeDespite of all the good points regarding the voice recording option available on Facebook Messenger, it is still a good question to ask about why users would find themselves recording clips for 60 seconds if Wi-Fi is available if they have a smartphone and a Viber or Skype installed on it?

Facebook took its first move, the world respects it, but by the end of the day, users need their work to be done, there is no reference to the video conferencing in this newly introduced service. Users can send their piece of recordings on Viber or Whatsapp too. Then why to get a new separate messenger?

We admit that that Facebook enjoys a huge circle of users making its voice recording service more worthy to communicate with loved ones who you want to follow, again the question remains that with such limited features, who would skip skype and and normal chat of Facebook for the Separate Facebook Messenger?

The service is only available within Canada by now, therefore the real feedback would only be visible when it starts servicing for the rest of the world. The Social Media is considering this move as an important one, Lets see What next comes out from the Facebook Team!

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