What makes Wells Fargo the Biggest Financial Company?

What makes Wells Fargo the Biggest Financial CompanyFinancial needs and crisis are increasing each day with a limited number of solution providers on board. The banking needs and financial solution providers are what each country requires necessarily. To help ease the distress and facilitate the clients, America has a great financial company, ‘Wells Fargo’.

Wells Fargo is one of the biggest and leading financial companies in the United States of America. It is literally an American brand with more than 6,200 banks across the country. It is the solution provider and life saver for many business across the world. Its operations spread worldwide. It currently deals in mortgage mainly but also provides financial services.

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Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo & Company is an American financial services holding and multinational company. It is the 23rd largest company in United States. As of 2012, it had more than 9,000 retail branches, over 12,000 automated teller machines, above 270,000 employees and more than 70 million customers.

Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in US according to assets and is one of the largest banks by market capitalization. It is the second largest bank in terms of deposits, home mortgage servicing and debit cards. Wells Fargo ranked No.1 among all the banks and insurance companies and ranked No.13 in the Green Rankings of the country’s 500 leading companies by Newsweek magazine’s inaugural.

It was an AAA company till 2007 but its financial crisis of 2007-2012 had lowered it to AA. The current Wells Fargo is a merger with Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation in 1988 and Charlotte-based Wachovia in 2008.

Wells Fargo Facts

1) Wells Fargo has been saving and recycling paper since more than 100 years.

2) Wells Fargo is the No.1 serving bank as it serves its clients under Charter 1 which was the first national bank charter granted by US Congress.

3) It was founded on 18th March 1852 in New York and was open for business on 13th July 1852.

4) It has made a huge transition from a speed of 10 miles per hour to just a click for all your banking needs.

5) Wells Fargo is the 23rd largest bank in US.

6) Despite being a mortgage company, it serves all the financial needs as well.

7) They believe to be the pioneers in progress.

8) They are the first ones to budget their client’s budget by offering a free online money-management tool and helping humanity.

9) Wells Fargo is truly an American bank with over 6,200 banks in 39 states.

10) The makers of Wells Fargo were born with leadership qualities.

Current Statistics of Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo Office

Wells Fargo is the biggest and most searched financial company of the world with an annual revenue generation of US $91.1 Billion. Its yearly profits are around $18.89 Billion. Its annual operating income is 28.47 Billion with its total assets being worth $1.422 Trillion. According to the statistics of 2012, it has 269,200 employees.

Wells Fargo Products


Wells Fargo Products

Wells Fargo is a top notch financial company with several products being utilized all over the world. It deals in consumer banking, credit cards, corporate banking, foreign currency exchange, finance and insurance, mortgage, loans, private banking, investment banking, wealth management and private equity.

Wells Fargo Basic Information

Founded on: 18th March 1852
Founded in: New York City, US
Founders: Henry Wells, William Fargo
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, US
Industry: Banking, Financial services