10 Weird things Bloggers do to Destroy their reliability

things that destroy reliabilityBlogging has recently turned into the most profitable business online, promoting the idea of entrepreneurship. It is important to keep in mind that the expected revenue you expect as a blogger entirely depends on how seriously you adopt blogging as your career. There are equal possibilities of committing mistakes because of the fact that either you are not aware of the circumstances of the slightest carelessness or either doing them deliberately with an idea of “I don’t care”. In both ways, it’s only you who suffers. The first indication of something is going wrong is when you notice your traffic to decrease. To avoid risking your blog’s traffic-and-your revenue, here are 10 following things you need to rectify if you are not aware of how they affect your blog.

1. A dead or overlooked “About” Page

Your potential readers are clever, don’t forget that! Internet users know that the online medium is no more a reliable one, where there is no authenticity in the content that different bloggers publish. However the readers still try to find more about the author of the blog so that they create a virtual image of the blog and the author. What bloggers often do is, they leave their ‘about’ page with two or three lines that hardly makes any sense. You need to win your readers’ trust by introducing yourself and your qualifications and the aim of your blog. So have a look on your ‘About’ page now!

2. Not Using Categories and Tags

People like classified things and that is the only reason blogs have categories to classify the relevant article in a particular category that suits him the most. Recently I was invited for a guest post and I realized that the site had no fixed tags, in fact the site added new tags for every post. That is totally unprofessional and non-profitable. Always try to keep things simply categorized.

3. sounding unprofessional

Ask yourself before even starting a blog whether you expect revenue to be generated from it or not? If not, then you are all free. Take your blog as light as you wish in that case, but if you have a slightest interest in making money, then you need to give a farewell to your casual attitude towards things.

Telling people in your posts that you are here not for money, or sounding as if you hardly care of what readers think of you, is forbidden! In fact take your blog as your business, addressing it that too.

4. Leaking out Personal Information

Over efficiency for anything leads to downfall, always remember this. Interacting with your readers is a good practice if that remains only on post comments, related to the posts or your niche only. A part from your official e- mail address, sharing your personal information like your address, contact number is a bad practice. Internet is an open forum for people to do anything with your information so its better to be at precautionary side rather than suffering.

5. Apologizing your Readers

do not apologizeWhat I have been observing on many new blogs is, the bloggers apologize for things that go wrong from their end, for example, mentioning old statistics, for spelling mistakes, etc. This way, they bring their image in jeopardy themselves. You see, it’s equally important to present yourself as a reliable writer. You are a human and mistakes are a part of the career line we have chosen. People start taking you light when you admit your mistakes as an authority. However, at your end, you must learn from your mistakes when you notice them, edit your post after some time of publish, but avoid saying a “sorry”.

6. Not using Maintenance Mode Plug-in

To keep things up to date, updating your blog is essential. What happens while you are working on your blog and a reader lands on your site, he will find it a complete crap. In order to avoid losing your potential clients, install a maintenance mode plug-in so that people get to know that the blog is not like this usually and some maintenance work is going on.

7. Pleading for Shares

The product loses its charm when distributed free. Keeping the idea in mind, you should not ask your readers to share your posts each time with other so that your traffic gets a boost. No! You should work in such a way that the readers themselves share your content with people they know, instead.

8. No Social Media Links Visible

When people learn that others are following you, there is a big probability that they might join you too. Add display buttons that shows your popularity on social media.

9. Using Twitter as the Only Source of Publicity

Although Twithingstter comes second, first being Facebook when it comes to social media popularity, Twitter is a web of followers. When you talk about your blog/post on twitter, you target a huge audience, but scattered followers. Some of the people might like to explore about your tweet, but would soon contribute in increasing your website’s bounce rate when they will realize that your blog has hardly something of their interest.

10. No regularity in posting

You need to consider this that your followers look forward to hear from you about your niche more. As a professional blogger, you should set a schedule for your posts so that readers can follow you, knowing that something soon will be shared from your side. Bloggers often take this as an entrepreneurship, believing that it depends on their will when to post. It’s true that posting depends on their mood, but their earnings still depends on the followers, following their blog.

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