10 Websites To Sell Articles And Get Paid Per Submission

10 Websites To Sell Articles And Get Paid Per SubmissionGood writers are always in demand, especially when it comes to freelancing. With the newly set trend of making money online, it’s the writers that are making really huge money with their writing skills, next to professional bloggers. People say that earning livings at this time of stage is difficult, we say, there are thousands of opportunities waiting for you but all you need is the right place to go with.

We have been sharing some great treasures with our readers on how one can enhance his freelancing skills, and it’s now time to share 10 best websites that pay you fairly large for your content submission.

Note: These Websites are ranked according to their current Alexa Rank, which might be a subject to change, with time.

1. About.com

Alexa Rank: 81

Google PageRank: 8

Unique Visitors / month: 55 Million

Page Views / month: 540 Million


About.com is one of the most popular content network which provides all the good writers an opportunity to make money with their writing skills, offering highest pay outs to its writers

2. Squidoo

Alexa Rank: 220

Google PageRank: 7

Unique Visitors /month: 12 Million

Page Views / month : 100 Million


Squidoo pays you by placing ads on your articles and shares the revenue generated with you, keeping 50% of the revenue with itself. Its pays you through PayPal.

3. HubPages

Alexa Rank: 310

Google PageRank: 6

Unique Visitors / month: 11 Million

Page Views / month: 55 Million


Similar to Squidoo, HubPages also pays you by making money through advertising on your written article.

4. Break Studios

Alexa Rank: 1000

Google PageRank: 6

Unique Visitors/ Month: 5.6 Million

Page Views / Month: 97 Million


Break Studios is another good platform to make money from writing articles on the topics given by the admin of the website. Your articles are needed to be approved first and once done, your article gets published, and you receive your payment via PayPal.

5. wiseGEEK

Alexa Rank: 2439

Google PageRank: 6

Unique Visitors / Month: 4.2 Million

Page Views / Month: 20 Million


wiseGEEK pays per article to writers around $10 to $14 depending on the article.


6. Love To Know

Alexa Rank: 4981

Google PageRank: 5

Unique Visitors / Month: 1.9 Million

Page Views / Month: 13 Million


LoveToKnow is an American Platform that provides wide opportunities for the U.S Residents to make money by writing articles on various topics including, technology, shopping, fashion, etc.


7. Helium

Alexa Rank: 5474

Google PageRank: 5

Unique Visitors / Month 1.5 Million

Page Views / Month: 8.9 Million


Helium is one of the most favorite platforms of the writers who enjoy making money from their living room. Share your knowledge on Helium and you will see how easy it becomes for you to make money online with your writings.


8. Bukisa

Alexa Rank: 8079

Google PageRank: 5

Unique Visitors / Month: 460,000

Page Views/ Month: 2.2 Million


Just lke others, Bukisa is another online paying shop for your quality articles where you can generate a good revenue by sharing your knowledge

9. Triond

Alexa Rank: 10567

Google PageRank: 5


Triond. Pays you 50% of the money generated by publishing your articles on sites that are within their publishing network, depending on the targeted audience. They only accept the fresh articles which are written by you only without violating the copyrights.

10. Seed

Alexa Rank: 505360


Although the alexa rank isn’t that appealing one, but the reason to include this one here is the feedback of its users that is excellent. Seed is an open content submission platform that is looking for content writers from US. US writers have been loving this site as the policies are quite flexible, allowing the writers to make good money in return of less input.

Making money online has become fairly easy and if you think you have the potential to write some great stuff, then the above mentioned sites are highly recommended to start with.

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