7 Websites to do Online Shopping in Pakistan

online shopping in PakistanOver the last few years, there has been seen a new trend of doing an online shopping in Pakistan, making lives easier for the busy people within the country. Life getting busy every second and it is practically impossible to take out a reasonable time for the busy schedules and actually visit the malls, spend hours to get a right place to shop and then leave it after the bargaining process fails. Thanks to the new idea of online shopping in Pakistan, you can now visit the best e-market available only a click away from you, choose a product that stands high on your requirements and make a decision you won’t regret.

With an online shopping mechanism, you always have an option of comparing your products in terms of price, color and quality through reading user reviews and even asking questions from the users. However, what goes well for other countries is often different when it comes to the developing countries with a high corruption rate, and online shopping in Pakistan is again, a sensitive task to do. It is to be remembered that there are a lot of risks involved in shopping online and not all the sites are to be trusted.

Here are 7 highly reputed sites that are known in the world of e-commerce and are the leading platforms for online shopping in Pakistan.

1) Amazon

Rank in Pakistan: 5

Global Rank: 7

online shopping in pakistan amazon

From the electronic appliances to the course books, smart phones to the latest laptops, greeting cards to the trendy clothes, Amazon is a common place for the world in general when one decides to shop online. The company offers a variety of shipping mechanism to its potential consumers that vary according to the prices.

Amazon is the 5th largest website in Pakistan.

2) Alibaba

Rank in Pakistan: 94

Global Rank: 70

online shopping in pakistan alibaba

Been launched in 1999, the site is considered to be one of the leading platforms in e-commerce, focusing on small businesses in general. There is a huge variety of goods that Alibaba offers to its users. There are about 30 Million of registered users all over the world who are getting benefitted with its services. Moreover, there are 240 countries that comes under the business policy of alibaba group, and Pakistan is one of them.

3) Ebay

Rank in Pakistan: 119

Global Rank: 21

online shopping in pakistan ebay

If you are brand conscious and want to get your hands on the universal quality goods whether it be the musical instruments, your fashion clothes, favorite novel/books, or simply an electronic gadget, try using eBay. Although the recommended way of paying for your shopping is PayPal, there are its alternates valid on the side to facilitate the users of those countries where PayPal doesn’t works.

4) Daraz.pk

Rank in Pakistan: 126

Global Rank: 17,515

online shopping in pakistan daraz.pk

Daraz.pk is a local site that offers all varieties of fashion for people of Pakistan of all ages. There is a great deal of clothes, footwear, jewelry and accessories available for cheap prices.

5) Hafeezcentre

Rank in Pakistan: 196

Global Rank: 15,941

online shopping in pakistan hafeez centre

This name is truly irresistible when it comes to online shopping in Pakistan. Try searching for anything to buy it online and you will see what an active participant Hafeescentre is. The site offers its services to all cities of Pakistan and offers a variety of products, both new and used in decent prices.

6) Shophive

Rank in Pakistan: 218

Global Rank: 25,425

online shopping in pakistan shophive

Here comes my personal favorite platform to do online shopping in Pakistan. If you are planning to buy a new digital camera or still confused about which laptop to go with, Shophive is a solution for all. The platform offers the most updated price list and reviews of the products and offers a free delivery service too for some products and cities within Pakistan.

7) Symbios.pk

Rank in Pakistan: 263

Global Rank: 29,390

online shopping in pakistan hafeez symbios.pk

Symbios.pk is also a decent site to buy electronic items or wrist watches online in Pakistan.

These were the 7 major websites to choose for shopping online in Pakistan and saving your precious time from wasting it in the real world markets and malls and often compromising on quality, if not price.

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  1. According to my personal experience Azmalo.pk is much better than Shophive because prices of different things on Shophive are too high and I’ve seen difference of Rs.2000 in the price of same cell phone and I think they must review their prices.

  2. Amazon and ebay are not working in Pakistan and alibaba is a site for wholesalers. Also the best sites for online shopping in Pakistan like vmart, and Kaymu.pk are not included in this list so this is not a good article and I’ve wasted my time here.

  3. Hi Nida,
    As I have decided to buy a microphone and some other products which are related to blogging and few are recommended by udemy for udemy course. Thanks for sharing the useful sites list and I will try them in next month for purchasing new stuff after receiving online income.

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