5 Ways to find Alternatives for a Website

SimilarSiteSearchHave you ever landed on a site that you liked, and felt the need to find websites similar to that one? For example, you’ve found a website that has a lot of free eBooks on a particular topic, and you want to find another where you can find even more. But a simple Google search (or any other search-engine search for that matter) for some keywords won’t always return what you want. This is because search results are half filled with spam (especially for keywords such as ‘free’), and half-filled with unrelated sites. And some sites don’t have the search-engine rankings they deserve. As a result, it’s really hard to find alternatives to a website you like. We’ll try to address this issue here. So here are the 5 best ways you can use alternative websites.

1. Google search

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Google search isn’t that smart”. Well, as it turns out, it actually is. You can use the ‘related’ feature to search for sites similar to your target. For this, you will need to append ‘related:’ before the URL of a site, and then enter the whole thing as a search term. For example, if I want to find alternatives for smartearningmethods.com, then I will type ‘related:https://www.smartearningmethods.com’ in the Google search bar, and then hit enter. I will then get all websites that are similar to smartearningmethods.com.

2. SimilarSites

As the name suggests, it’s a search engine used for finding similar sites. You just use their search bar, and enter a website URL, e.g. www.youtube.com, and you will hit upon a list of websites related to youtube.com.


3. Skrittle

This is a great tool for finding similar sites. All you have to do is, put their tool in your bookmarks bar (bookmarklet). And whenever you are on a site you need to find alternatives for, you simply hit the button, and a list of related sites will be generated for you. This tool also works on a feedback mechanism, and you can provide positive or negative feedback for each related site you visit. In this way, you will help them narrow down results for you, as well as to improve their search algorithm

4. Websites Like


This is a fairly good aggregation tool as well. It’s a search engine that let’s you find alternatives for a URL, as well as enter keywords, and it will then return sites most closely related to the query. And their search is pretty accurate too.

5. SimilarSiteSearch

This is a very simple tool for finding similar sites. It only allows you to enter a URL, for which it will find similar URLs. But it won’t accept keywords. However, the results returned as pretty accurate.

Using these tools, you should now be able to effectively find sites related to the ones you like. And you can find related sites for those that were returned, and hence keep on finding more and more awesome sites with content that you like. Try out these sites, and let us know what yo think. Peace 🙂

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