17 Tips for Web Designers to Make More Money

moeny and web designingIf you are a web designer, thatโ€™s all you need to be to earn smartly. Today when the world is going viral with some great web designing markets, the opportunities are at peak. Web designer is not only restricted to produce web but there are many things to play on the ground like maintenance, web hosting, blogging, creating tutorials and making out ways to stay updated and handful with secondary source of earning in this field because there wonโ€™t be spring for entire year. Sometimes there may be hype or famine of work and money. So why not to make extra bucks when you can get few complementary extra minutes out of the busy routine. You may find loads of posts with various and enormous numbers of tips, that will be hard to remember, but here are the short and best tips summarized for your ease.

Working on short terms and on daily bases with various clients broadens your horizon and circle of experience. Either you are a beginner or an old gem; these may be the right spots to look at.

1) Find yourself a client

Elance.com deserve a chance if you are desperately looking for a job because there are around thousand of new jobs offered everyday ranging from WordPress, SEO, flash to HTML and CSS.

2) Smashing and bid upon online job boards

bid smartly upon the projects on Freelancing.com where you can find varieties of work. Get your hands into a good project based on designing, web hosting and find your best suited interest. There are many people posting jobs who need designers on websites like freelancing and Smashing Magazine. Try your luck; you may get the job if you are best.

3) Sell your unused designs

there may be loads of designs you might have created for your personal; interest or during your course study, put them and your themes on reduce rates to those who wanted instant readymade designs. Place your theme and unused logo for online auction, you may use BrandCrowd.com where buying and selling of logos and themes take place. If you got high quality HD photos you can give them a professional editing and sell them on sites like Flicker.com

4) Remain on the headlines on web market

if you need and feel to explode the world traffic of clients towards you, then why not try putting your name and getting hands in digital point forums and sitepoint.com where you can publish your eBooks about tutorials regarding JavaScript, Word Press, CSS, HTML5, flash and many more.

5) Use ThemeForest.net as a Client

if you are handful and looking to sell templates, Word Press and CSS themes, this is where you can put them for sale. Themeforest.net is the largest market place of its kind for such theme work. It is one of the top 1000 sites in the world.

6) Offer smart work to your client

Once you did with web designing offer incentives of working more. You can ask for coding/programming and setup web hosting/personally host the website. If they like your work they ask you to do the further job for them

7) Show your skills

Once you are prominent, you become demanding and with your increasing demands money flux in your account. Once you are done with web designing look for alternatives to do, make yourself obvious to stand out of the crowd by highlighting yourself through the following ways.

8) create and promote online portfolio

Creating a portfolio shows your determination and professionalism towards your career. Few keywords in search engine will create a buzz and hype and could rank you higher than others. Create and manage the online portfolio using the easiest websites carbonmade.com and Foliohd.com.

9) Blog for your website/Blogging for other

why not sharing the rudiments of design with the community when you are being paid as well? Owning a personal blog could boon your career as with ads on it you can earn, with qualitative content you can get traffic on your blog, promote web designs on it to attract clients and sell otherโ€™s products. For beginner start writing articles on the subject you hold grip.

10) Provide counseling

counseling the beginners is like sportsman become an instructor, teach and help other designers, render your consultancy services to newbie to help them establishing their business and can also help creative agencies in employing designers and rebranding their logos.

11) Design stock images to sell

be creative and uses your skills to design graphics, templates, logos and much more and sell on graphicriver.net and you can also design vectors and sell them on istockphoto.com.

12) Become an author

write tutorial for HTML, CSS themes, photo shops and post them on psdtuts.com, if you can get the traffic the site may pay you some good bucks.

13) Offer training and write for how to

if you think you are a pretty good teacher then be the part of tutor.com, ehow.com, videojug.com and write tutorial of how to make video/online portfolio etc. These sites will pay you for writing article and tutorials to teach others.

14) Stay Active

Keep sitting on your sofa with a cup of tea will make you drowsy, dull and fat. Here are some ways to stay active in the field so when you are not in a mode of heavy work you can still have some cash coming in your pocket.

15) Take test

be the part of design contest going around earning some serious money through it, you can find various contests on 99design.com.

16) Bring offline works to online

web design for school, brands, community service to give them their own identity in turn you can get on terms of profit sharing.

17) Help your client getting through the host companies

suggest your client once done with project management to host a web or to help them setting hosting through your referral link such as in DreamHost.com, CrucialWebHost.com, in turn enjoy the percentage of their money for long term.

You can make changes anywhere in any field all what you need to have is potential to make a difference.

Best Of Luck

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  1. nice post sis…me blogger or wordpress pe kam krleta ho bt expert nhe ho mjhe expert web designer bane k lye konsay softwere pr expert hona parega?

    • If you want to become expert web web designer you should learn PHP, SEO,CSS, Javascript and JQuery. But you must start your practice at PHP and SEO. For more detail call me:03434008208

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