10 Wealthiest Lawyers in the World

Wealthiest lawyers in the worldWhether you be a businessman or a celebrity in limelight, an online money maker or a simple person, there is always a room for uncertainty which might take you to seek advices from one of the best lawyers. We have been sharing much about the rich ones from different fields of life and here we are back again with an interesting list of 10 wealthiest lawyers in the world!

Have a look!

1)Wichai Thongtang

Net worth: $1.1 Billion

Source of wealth: Law, Real estate

Wichai Thongtang wealthiest lawyer

The one man odyssey all the way from the legal advisor to a land and hospital tycoon definitely deserves to stand top in the list of richest lawyers with the fortune of $1.1 billion. At first he was appointed as advisor to many firms through which he learnt how businesses were run and today due to his honesty and knowledge, his friends let him run the land business. The reason he landed into real estate was, some of his clients could not afford their fees, so they mortgaged their land to him, and when he had a lot of it he got inspired to begin trade in real estate.

2)Willie E. Gary

Net worth: $100 million

Source of wealth: Law firm

Willie E. Gary wealthiest lawyer

Another overnight success story, where a man rising from migrant farming community became a leading trial attorney. “The Giant Killer”, who has brought down some of America’s most recognized corporate giants. One of the 100 Most Influential Black Americans and according to Forbes one of the top 50 Attorney in the U.S. has won some of the biggest jury awards. He has been highlighted in various Nation’s most respectable media publications.

3)John Branca

Net worth: $50 million

Source of wealth: Investor, Music catalogue publisher

John Branca

The boy who was madly in love with music, played in bands and went to major in music in Los Angles is now todays’ entertainment and corporate Lawyer who has represented 29 acts, which is believed to be more than any other entertainment attorney. He was found in sales of most of the music industry’s publishing catalogues. He is currently the chairman of The Michael Jackson Company and co-executor of Michael Hackson Estate.

4)Joel Segal

Net worth: $40 million

Source of wealth: Sports Agent

Joel Segal wealthiest lawyer

The man who is considered and regularly ranked as one of the most powerful sports agents in the world, has the numerous regular negotiating contracts, a total of $250 million worth, and is one of only two NFL agents to represent multiple first round draft picks each year for past seven years. He began as a contract advisor in private practice, moving on to join Worldwide Football Management, Inc and today represent approx. 50 players. He has clients like Will Smith, DeAngelo, Reggie Bush and Levi Brown.

5)Vernon Jordan

Net worth: $12 million

Source of wealth: Counseling

Vernon Jordan wealthiest lawyer

The man of choice by President Bill Clinton has devoted his services for civil rights is a Howard University graduate. He worked as a field director for the NAACP, executive director of the United Negro College Fund and was the president of the National Urban League for ten years. He mainly worked as counselor for multiple politicians and companies.

6)Ana Quincoces

Net Worth: $8 million

Source of wealth: Law firm, Acting, Chef, Author

Ana Quincoces wealthiest lawyer

Whether it’s in the courtroom or in the kitchen she brings the heat anyway. The former Real Housewives of Miami star, loves to cook. She is also one of the best sellers at a very young age when she self published her very own cookbook entitled Cuban Chicks Can Cook. The celebrity chef is on the way of writing another cookbook.

7)Jose Baez

Net worth: $5 million

Source of wealth: Trail Attorney

Jose Baez wealthiest lawyer

The man who is known as the lead attorney for Casey Anthony, once left high school at the age of 17, getting married and becoming a father. He later joins the Navy and trained as an intelligence analyst and held Top Secret security clearances. He was once unable to practice attorney due to financial irresponsibility but later when he was granted his license, he mainly focused on criminal defense cases.

8)Vikki Ziegler

Net worth: $2.5 million

Source of wealth: Hosting, Attorney, Adjunct Professor, CEO of divorcedating.com & author

Vikki Ziegler wealthiest lawyer

Prosperous,acclaimed and immensely successful divorce attorney accredited from the university of Rhode Island. Her professional motive is not to help couples getting divorced but to save them from the contempt and impairment of divorce as she always quotes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” more over her movie named “Love, Lies and Litigation”  will be out in arena in 2013.

9)Stacey Gardner

Net worth: $1 million

Source of Wealth: Modeling, Law

Stacey Gardner wealthiest lawyer

Everybody knows Stacey Gardner as a sensational model but alluringly she is also one of the richest lawyers  around the globe. She graduated from Southwestern Law School and successfully passed the Bar exam in 2005. She well knows from presenting the show deal or no deal. Her beauty and brains not just rocks the showbiz but courtroom as well.

10)Howard K.Stern

Net worth: $500,000

Source of wealth: Attorney

Howard  K. Stern wealthiest lawyer

He graduated from the  University of California, Berkeley and was admitted to the State Bar of California on the 25th of February, 1994. He had a hike in his life when Stern’s law firm first handled Anna Nicole Smith’s modeling contracts in the mid 1990s. They two fall for each other but sadly his girlfriend died out in the accidental exuberance of drugs and Stern was at-taint for using false names to obtain drug prescription for Anna.