Top 10 Wealthiest Charitable Foundations in the world in 2013

Wealthiest charitable foundationsThese days when humanity seems to disappear from half of the world, there still are people who feel for the wonderful creation of God and are working day and night, spending their time, money and interest in making some lives better, making few homes survive out of poverty and providing shelter to the orphans and the suffering ones out there in the world.

It is interesting that we know people know all about the latest happening in the world but they hardly know about people who are contributing their part in the social welfare.

Here are 10 wealthiest charitable foundations of the world which are collecting charity from people who are rich in emotions and humanity and are helping their follow men in every way possible.

Have a look!

1)Stichting INGKA Foundation

Endowment: $36.0 billion

Country: Netherlands

Headquarters: Leiden, Netherlands

Founded: 1982

Stichting INGKA Foundation

It is the non-profit organization and the only Dutch foundation who has its own separate foundation named the IKEA Foundation. It is founded by the Swedish billionaire, Ingvar Kamprad. The motive of the foundation is to promote, support and enhances innovation in the field of architectural and interior designs and spent on children in developing countries.

2)Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Endowment: $34.6 billion

Country: United States

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Founded: 1994

Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation

It is the largest private foundation dedicated to the world by the gates family. The purpose of the foundation is to eradicate or at least reduce poverty, expand educational opportunities, enhance health care centers and make it easy for everyone to access to information technology.

3)Wellcome Trust

Endowment: $22.1 billion

Country: United States

Headquarters: London

Founded: 1936

Wellcome Trust

It is the largest charitable foundation in UK for scientific research and one of the oldest and largest provider in the world, that mainly focuses upon health of animals and human beings and to achieve extraordinary improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds.

4)Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Endowment: $16.1 billion

Country: United States

Headquarters: Chevy Chase Maryland

Founded: 1953

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Sometimes a genius mind needs a little hand either to allow him to experiment anything or by providing support. This nonprofit medical research organization believes in the power of individualism and thus help individual to get through research and scientific education. Letting people know to discover science more deeply.

5)Ford Foundation

Endowment: $11.0 billion

Country: United States

Headquarters: New York City, New York

Founded: 1936

Ford Foundation

It is the private foundation that basically intends to promote international corporate, strengthen democratic values in a country and reduces the poverty and balance the justice of rights. The Foundations were created by Henry Ford and Edsel Ford to advance human achievements.

6)J.Paul Getty Trust

Endowment: $10.5 billion

Country: United States

Headquarters: Los Angles, California

Founded: 1982

J.Paul Getty Trust

The trust understands the vision behind the art and so intend to promote the understanding and preservation of the visual arts throughout the world. It also provides grants and training in handling arts to other cultural institutions and museums and also provides scholarships in the arts. It was founded by oil-man J. Paul Getty who left his worth and bulk of the estate to the trust.

7)Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundations

Endowment: $10.0 billion

Country: United Arab Emirates

Headquarters: Dubai

Founded: 2007

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundations

It was founded by the UAE vice president who basically loves children. The foundation provides grants to writers of children’s books. It mainly sets up book fairs and launched a program which stimulated translation of literary works into Arab language. It basically aims to improve the standard of education, develop leadership qualities, stimulate job creations and research in the region.

8)Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Endowment: $9.0 billion

Country: United States

Headquarters: Princeton, New Jersey

Founded: 1972

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation...

It’s the United States largest foundation that loves humanity. The foundation basically works upon the idea of giving away everything to promote healthy living in America. It has private resources which aim to provide services to the public in a way that stimulate new public policies and inspire action from individual sectors.

9)Li Ka Shing Foundation

Endowment: $8.3 billion

Country: Hong Kong

Headquarters: Hong Kong

Founded: 1980

Li Ka Shing Foundation

The foundation that gain access to the world by the hands on an entrepreneur, Li Ka Shing, mainly work upon health related projects and education. The foundations tend to provide advanced medical facilities woo the people who lack financial means.

10)The Church Commissioners for England

Endowment: $8.1 billion

Country: United Kingdom

Headquarters: London

Founded: 1948

The Church Commissioners for England

It was founded by assets of Queen Anne’s Bounty. The Commissioner’s churches granted money to build churches in the city. They exempt charity.