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Finding a job is getting tough with each passing day. In the earlier days, people used to get jobs right after their graduation but nowadays, that happens once in a blue moon. However thanks to job recruitment portals, looking for a job has become a bit easier to a certain extent. People are now migrating towards Middle East in search of jobs and trying to earn a living. Here, we present a few ways to look for jobs in Dubai.

1) Bayt

Bayt.com is the top job site in the Middle East and Gulf. It offers variety of jobs to the people in the region and connects job seekers with the employers who are looking for people to hire. It was launched in 2000 and since then, it has offered the fastest and easiest services for the job seekers and employers in Middle East and North Africa. It is a reliable and most effective source for the employers to find eligible candidates for their work.

2) Monster Gulf

Monster Gulf was founded by Jeff Taylor in 1994 and currently it is actively working in 50 countries. It can easily let the right employers meet the right employees in Dubai. It is one of the leading online global career networks. It gives employers an instant access to the latest hiring tools so getting a job gets easier with the Monster.

3) Career Dubai

Career Dubai is the most popular local career site for professionals looking for desired jobs in Dubai. It focuses on working as a bridge between employers and highly skilled professionals. It helps the customers and facilitates hiring of the deserving talented candidates.

4) Gulf Talent

Gulf Talent is the leading job site in the Middle East. it was found in 2005 by a former management consultant. Over 3 million professional gather here to pick up the most suited talent for their company. They have recruiters from technology, finance and sales. It is the largest recruitment agency across the region and serves as a prime source for the talents across the globe.

5) Jobs in Dubai

Jobs in Dubai deals with regions such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait. It is established in Dubai, UAE and it is the first of its kind. They use a social networking tool, ‘CONNECT’ through which the professionals connect with the employers and employers find out what they actually need. It offers efficient solutions to all the employers who are looking for talented workers and provides a catalogue of all job postings with varied jobs.

6) eFinancial Careers

eFinancial Careers is a Dice holding company which offers career websites for professionals related to the financial and banking sector. It is a leading company for global financial community. It provides great job opportunities, reliable market news, career guidance, market analysis and salary surveys. It offers recruiters and employers to get a hold of the best talent around the world.

7) Dubizzle

Dubizzle is a Greek work which states that it is an awesome and easy to use website for the Middle East. It shows business, lifestyle and entertainment. They offer have diversified job options and connects the professionals with employers in Dubai.

8) Recruit Gulf

Recruit Gulf is the right place for all the job seekers to get their dream job easily. It allows the employers to reach the right candidates with less efforts and effectively. It has jobs ranging from all the sectors in any location of the Gulf according to your choices and recruiters priorities.

9) Arabian Business

Arabian Business is the most popular website among Arabs. The most common employers are Arabs and they deal with different types of jobs. They offer shipping, oil & gas, retail and construction jobs in Dubai.

10) Gulf Jobs Market

Gulf Jobs Market is a reliable job site, formed in 2008. It deals with jobs such as IT, Telecoms, Banking, Finance, Oil and Gas sectors in UAE and other Gulf countries. IT provides the latest innovative tools to the job seekers so that they get the best and desired jobs.

I hope this helps all the job seekers and employers in Dubai.

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