Watch The London Olympics 2012 Live From Your Home!

London Olympics 2012The Olympics 2012 is upon us, after a long 4 year wait! We got to see a spectacular opening ceremony yesterday, which served to raise the expectations of all those watching. The Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world (followed by the world famous FIFA World Cup). It was held in 2008 in China, who made special arrangements for such a major event by building stadiums, hotels, and even airports. Well this time, the ball fallen in London’s court, and it looks like it’s more than up to it. The ceremony was just a start. We expect there’ll be a lot more to witness, including inspiring team work, dedicated hard working players stretching their limits, and of course, the breaking of records. Those who are going to be present there, they will catch all the action directly. Others can also witness the spectacle by watching the Olympics online from their homes.

Here’s a list of five websites you can watch London Olympics 2012 on. Not all of these will be available in your area, which is why we have included five, so you can catch at least one of them.

1. Official Olympics YouTube Channel

This is the official Olympics YouTube Channel streamed by the International Olympic Committee. It will be airing some 2200 hours of live games, event highlights, medal finals, and more, all of which you’ll be able to see right on your browser, absolutely for free! This channel will be available across some 64 regions in Asia and Africa. All commentries would be broadcasted in English.

Olympics Official YouTube Channel

2. NBC Olympics

The NBC Olympics will provide live and extensive coverage of all the 32 sports and 302 events. It will also show recordings, highlights, and other media coverage. They promise that ‘If there’s a camera on an event, we’ll cover it.” The site will also provide you with all the schedules and rankings for players and teams. You can even watch the games on your tablets or smartphones. However, it is only available for the United States. Other users will not see all the live games, and will see recordings or other media related streams.

NBS Olympics

3. CTVOlympics on YouTube

This is another great YouTube channel providing live streaming coverage and event highlights along with media coverage. It is limited to Canada. But offers a lot of exciting features such as previews, schedules, highlights, photos, and more! A great way to watch Olympics outside London.


4. The Guardian

Yes, the Guardian! They have decided to cover the event as well, with live coverage for the games, virtual tours of the Olympics park, and some interactive guides where the torch route can be observed. Their Olympics 2012 section gives people lots of freebie stuff too! You can see all the recaps and highlights. You can also read personal thoughts from the athletes and players participating in the tournament under the Olympic Diaries section.

The Guardian

That concludes our list of the top websites where you can watch the London Olympics 2012 live. Hope you enjoyed it. And share this post with others so they might catch all the action as well! Stay blessed 🙂

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