Why Vladimir Putin is the Most Powerful Man?

vladimir prutin the most powerful manPower comes with money but more than that it takes guts to stand and face the responsibilities for the world’s toughest and most dangerous challenges, and Vladimir Putin proves to be the worlds second most powerful man of the world according to a US leading magazine Foreign policy.

Who is Vladimir Putin?

The man with power, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, who rose quickly from the administration department of Boris Yeltsin, becoming the Acting President on 31 December 1999 is todays Russia’s President since May 2012. He previously served as president as well as prime minister of Russia. He was being credited partially by the Scholars for Russia’s recovery from the economic crises of the 1990s. His first period of presidency was marked with extensive Russian economy growth, real income increased by a factor of 2.5 and achieved good macroeconomic managements.

What made him to rose to power?

vladimir putinThe man who rose to power, a national savior and a hero, who is exceptionally smart and stepped from shadows to rose the country that others had run aground, looted and left for dead. He acts a bridge from post-communist chaos and hardships to national stability, individual economic choices, free market and the possibility of democracy. The fighter, the believer and the Chekist, restored a large fraction of Russia citizens, he is the only one who has more regional and domestic powers. He drives to make Russia a world leader and is now titled as the most powerful man due to following bold steps:

· He hosted a G-20 meeting and opposed any intervention against its ally Syria.

· He increment in the prices of oil, as Russia is the largest reservoir of oil, this helped Russia to recover quickly from 2008 financial crises.

· He liberalized the ruble, allowing it to transfer in and out of Russia.

· Establish trade agreements with Canada regarding Gas and Uranium.

· Announces to combat nuclear terrorism with U.S.

· He allows privatization of small land.

· He reduced the corporate tax from 35% to 24%.

· He applied for Russian membership in the World Trade organization in 2012.

Some Unusual facts behind the reason of being more powerful

1)He is the man who topped the list of most powerful human being but at second place with the top spot left empty.

2)He is the only one who consolidates more regional and domestic power than any other leader.

3)He was ranked the most powerful man over a quick informal survey around the Eurasia Group on power and global politics.

4)His first presidency was marked by an extensive high economic growth: the Russian economy grew for eight straight years, increasing GDP by 72%in PPP.

5) He felt threatened by the power of the few corporations such as Yukos Oil Company, and so he sent the owner to jail for tax evasion and fraud.

It is still controversial that was that crises that actually manufactured benefit to Vladimir Putin or a scheme by Russia’s secret police to bring one of their own to power as an avenging angel who crushed his nation’s attackers and led his people out of a time of crises.

No doubt he made Russia as one of the strongest country to be ever defeated.