Use Squidoo To Earn Money From Home!

earnng through squidooYou might have heard about Squidoo (maybe that’s why you’ve landed here, right?). It’s a very popular online content publishing website. You might be thinking; what a strange name, Squidoo! But don’t be fooled! It is ranked among the top 500 websites in the whole wide world! And ranks within top 300 websites in the U.S. This, in today’s online world dominated by giant alligators like Google and Facebook (etc), in itself is an honor.

Squidoo allows you to earn money through many methods, which we will discuss shortly. With Squidoo, you are guaranteed an income. That, of course, doesn’t mean it’s quick or easy money. Easy it is, but only if you put in effort on your part. And quick; well, no ‘online method’ of earning money is quick. So let’s get started and look at what Squidoo is all about.

What is Squidoo?

squidooLike I said, Squidoo is an online publishing website. It allows people to create pages called lenses, which are similar to blog posts. Only difference is, Squidoo provides more convenient ways of earning money. And it is easier to write lenses than creating and maintaining a blog.. Users who write lenses are called lensmasters.

Your lenses can be used to promote anything, as long as you stay from an extra-promotional behavior which will get you banned for spamming. You can earn revenue by various methods such as setting up referral links to websites like Amazon, participating in affiliate program etc.

Create a lens

Start off by creating a lens. You can choose a topic from any of the 22 categories available, from health to cooking to business. Once you have the topic decided and the content made, you have various further options to enhance your content. You can add Pictures, Videos, Links, News Feeds etc. You can also add RSS Feeds and Google Blog Search.

create a squidoo lens

You can add advertisements on your lenses. You will then earn a portion of the money earned through those ads. Continue reading to learn about Squidoo revenue sharing and payment options.

Promote Affiliate Products

Apart from advertising programs, you can also set up affiliate links on your lenses. If you have your own product, it’d be a good idea to promote them on your lenses. However, you can also promote other’s products. You can either use the in-built affiliate tools, or manually add your affiliate links.

promote affiliate products

Squidoo’s in-built tools feature many popular affiliate programs like Amazon, CafePress, iTunes etc. If you use these tools, you will have to share a portion of your sales with Squidoo. On the other hand, if you add links manually (and we recommend doing that), then you get to keep all of your earnings.

So why use the in-built tools at all? Well, they aren’t useless after all. They offer extreme ease of use. And for beginners who don’t know their way around, they can be very handy. Also, a part of what Squidoo takes from you goes to charity. So it’s a good idea to use those tools every once in a while.

Squidoo has its own Affiliate Program!

Other than promoting other affiliate products, you can also earn money through the Squidoo Affiliate Program. And I like it because it’s unique. It pays the refer-er, as well as the referee, unlike many affiliate programs that only pay the refer-er.

Basically, whenever you refer somebody, and when they make their first $15, both of you get a bonus $5! This is simply great, because if I refer you to Squidoo, you will have nothing to lose, and $5 to gain by joining through me. Otherwise, you won’t get a single bonus cent (:D).

Revenue Sharing and Payment Options

Payment is sent to you via PayPal. Of all the earnings that you make, you get to keep a 50% share. 45% goes to Squidoo, and 5% goes to charity. This is a great thing as it’s one of the very few such programs contributing towards charity. You have the option to split the money with a charity of your own choice. Hence, you can rest assured that your      money will not be misused.

revenue sharing

Squidoo is a great service in the sense that you don’t need to create any blog or website. Of course if you have them , you can drive more traffic through your lenses. But Squidoo is super easy to use, which is why I like it. Hope you do too. Good luck 😀

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