Use Social Enterprise Strategy and Become Successful!

Social Enterprise networksTo achieve something bigger tomorrow, you need to do clear planning today. In most of my articles I have tried to share some good methods to earn online. But once you establish your own set up. You need to think wider, and for that you need a strong Social enterprise.

Social Enterprise is an organization that applies business strategies to achieve generous goals. It provides an opportunity to customers to get closer to their favorite brands. The consumers get some means to convey their feedbacks and their queries. On the other hand, the companies get served too. It expands the voice of the customer and allows them to improve their customer service. These in return, maximize their sale through new channels and even progresses employee satisfaction.

Different companies have different Social enterprise strategies but the framework that should be followed to design the primary characteristics are as explained:

Staying Connected

The success of any organization depends on the Connectivity within an organization, between employees, departments, regions and divisions. Enhanced communication benefits every company of any size, aiding tactical communications related to business processes. It strengthens the team work at the same time. stay  connected

Social enterprise requires an active participation in public social Networks. A company can manage its brand where consumers are spending most of their time by establishing a persona on public social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. YouTube marketing strategies often include customer testimonials, product demos, fun topics related to an industry and viral video contests. Now this is what your product wants not only at initial stage but as long as it’s alive. You should work on the connectivity thing. Both, the internal and the external one.

Customers are priority

My grandmother told me once that in her time, they used to write complains, then used to post them, still no actions were ever taken on them. But with these killer inventions in the field of technology, social enterprise has availed the maximum benefist. Now, every consumer can have a direct contact with the companies and they can tackle consumer with more efficiency.


Public social networks are crammed with consumer comments, questions, issues and opinions about the products they use. This helps companies to strike these networks and can get a clearer picture of their customers and create customer social profiles. By listening to their customers, they can identify issues to resolve and turn potentially dissatisfied customers into advocates. The basic advantage is that this can be all done in real time.

There are social monitoring tools, like Radian6, that continuously monitor social profiles on thousands of social networks, allowing companies to extract customer ideas to amplify their products, services and messaging.


Social enterprise needs as it involves consumers, partners and employees, conversing the topics that are significant and in the context of their actual theme. Customers, who are searching for information of the product, need well-timed, updated and appropriate data. If the company fails in doing so, they might lose their customers to their competitor. Intelligent businessmen build customer social networks. This can provide customers relative information, answer questions and field suggestions in an open forum. But these forums are needed to be effective, updated and well-managed. Contextual social interaction creates logic of significance for employees, as well as the customers. Customers feel appreciated and valued, believing that they are important when these complains are heard, and their queries are solved as they experience assistance.

However in most of the small scaled companies, no attention is given on working to establish a Social enterprise Network, which becomes a huddle in achieving a good market value and a considerable number of customers.

Work on Mobility

Consumers have high expectations for the products they use. They expect the systems and applications not to be functional only, but they must also be spontaneous, self-serving, and user friendly too. in this case, mobility is one of the major issues. Social interactions cannot practically be limited to confined audiences. The popularity of smartphones and tablet PCs is on its verge and this trend will continue. Knowing this, the social enterprises are working on mobility and companies are establishing device strategies as well as revolutionizing the way we work with them.


Therefore, theoretically the characteristics of the social enterprise are very simple, but they can be extremely difficult in practice. To become a Truly Social enterprise, a company needs to adopt multiple strategies having a balanced approach!

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  1. First of all, thank you Mr, Ghassan for the wonderful assay and great, new, and craveite oriented idea, and as i understood from your meaningful words that Social Entrepreneurship is more of an Idea than actual application with rules and headlines.what I ment is that this concept can be applicable in all, and i mean ALL ways of social, commercial, public, & private.Thank you again Sir for your inspiring words and continuing effort to set an example for all of us.

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