Top 20 universities in Finland in 2012

finland universitiesThere has recently been seen a new trend of going abroad for higher studies, especially in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh where with gradual increase, more people are getting inclined towards the importance and the scope of higher education. Taking a deeper notice of the fact, we shortlisted few countries that are safe, developed and much higher in literacy than the remaining ones, and chose Finland to be the place that has some real treasures in terms of knowledge and education!

If you are a student and looking forward to a recognized university in Finland that suits you in every way, then you are at a right place. But before we move on to the famous universities of the world, that are mostly located in Finland, here is what you need to know that why it is Finland.

Finland is one of the top 10 Most educated country having 37% of population with post secondary education. The GDP per Capita of the country is great, that is, $36,585. Majority of students holds keen interest in manufacturing, construction and engineering. Therefore, Once you are done with you education, you can enjoy a luxurious life there in Finland.

1. Tampereen twknillinen yliopisto

Location: Tamper

Temper University of technology is the second largest engineering university and mainly focuses on applied sciences. Primarily it was a research university and now the strongest areas of the university are nanophotonics, biotechnology, signal processing and intelligent mobile hydraulic system. The university offers graduate/post graduate and masters degree in various fields of engineering.

2. Turun yliopisto

Location: Turku

University of Turku is rank among the best universities of the world. It is the second largest university of country by student’s enrollment per year. The university holds popular field of interest which are natural sciences, humanitarians and mathematics, it also offers medicine, law, and social sciences. The university sets an example of being the best by generating leaders as one of the alumni, Mauno Koivisto- a former President of Finland.

3. Jyvaskylan yliopisto

Location: Jyvaskyle

It is the center off many international and local students from the globe as it is one of the largest and dynamic research-universities in Finland; the university has affiliations with universities located in all continents there by providing internationalization at home. It offers variety of international programs such as FIRST, ISEP, etc. It is the second largest university according to the number or Master’s degree conferred.

4. Tampereen yliopisto


No of students: 16,000

Located in third biggest city of Finland, based on equality where everyone has equal right to learn, to participate, to acquire knowledge, to make an impact on society and to make a difference. It is one of the best and renowned universities of world, as you find it in between 301-350 ranking while going through the list of top universities of the world.

5. Abo Akademi

Location: Turku

It could be both rewarding and interesting studying here because it provides many possibilities for flexible study solutions The University offers extensive research opportunities, various degrees in vast number of fields to some 7,000 students. It is only one of its kinds Swedish Language University. If you are concerning a special department or a subject visit the portal department and subject for further information.

6. Alto-yliopisto

Location: Alto

A university that has raised its standard within 2 years of its birth since 2010 is a multidisciplinary university that aims to create a new science and arts community by bringing together three existing universities of arts, technology and economics. The students have quite an active integrated campus life where students of technology are especially noticeable.

7. Sibelius-Akatemia

Location: Helsinki

If you wish to play piano or learn music professionally on university level in Finland than, Sibelius academy could be your destination as it is among the biggest European music universities and the only music university in Finland. It offers variety of degree programs, masters, post graduate and degree of doctorate in music.

8. Vaasan yliopisto

Location: Vaasa

Looking to be a businessman or merchant in future than step into it and groom yourself in a multi disciplinary business-oriented university in Finland. It is a privately owned school of Business Studies and Economics where majority of classes are in Finnish language


9. Lapeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto

Location: Lapeenranta

Open your mind and see the science across the boundaries through it. Now days its major strategic focus are green energy and technology based on unique research.

10. Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu

Location: Helsinki

It is a best place from where to graduate mainly in applied sciences, and secondly in business administration, culture, healthcare, etc. All lectures are providing in English.

11. Ita-Suomen yliopisto

Location: Vaasa

It is commonly known as university of Eastern Finland, ranked among the top universities of the world and formed in 2010 by merging of two independent universities.

12. Tampereen Ammattikorkeakoulu

Location: Tampere

Well Known as Tampere University of Applied Sciences, where it offers to 10,000 students bachelor and master level degrees in seven educational fields.

13. Helsingin Yliopisto

Location: Helsinki

University of Helsinki is the largest and oldest university of country that offers enormous range of disciplines to study in, around 36,500 students currently enrolled in the degree programs.

14. Lapin Yliopisto

Location: Rovaniemi

Faculties of social sciences, art, design, law and education are best among all other services by university. It offers doctorial, masters and bachelor degrees in research, education and sciences.

15. Hanken – Svenska handelshogskolan

Location: Helsinki

It is one of the oldest and leading internationally accredited Swedish language economic and Business Studies University.

16. Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu

Location: Vantaa

It is a top leading university of Applied Sciences, attracting aspiring and best international students excel in range of fields, providing courses in both Finnish and English language with competitive entrance test.

17. Arcada-Nylands svenska yrkeshogskola

Location: Helsinki

Grow and learn in life rather studying for degree and find your professional role by studying in one of the renowned university of Applied Sciences.

18. Teatterikorkeakoulu

Location: Helsinki

Looking for being the next Oscar nominee in acting, this university can help you get one as it provides best education in acting, directing, script writing, dance, choreography, etc. log on to it to learn more.

19. Kuvataideakatemia

Location: Helsinki

Academy of Fine Arts, founded in 1848, provides highest university level practical and theoretical training in fine arts.

20. Oulun yliopisto

Location: oulu

It is one of the largest and holds 16,000 students studying in eight major fields including Natural sciences, Technology, etc.

That’s all for now, hope you find one of them most suitable for yourself!

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