5 Ways to Unfriend someone on Facebook!

delete irritating friends on facebookSome friends can be really annoying, they keep posting on your wall even when they are actually sitting in a restaurant or driving. Unfriending such friends on Facebook are like life-long tag of being rude and ignorant. Obviously everyone of us wan to stay sweet, especially on Social networking sites, All you need to do is to be smart in what you do, and especially when it comes about unfriending a friend, never ever ignore or press the hazardous unfriend button, follow the sweet tackles and enjoy not be ignorant but when you are actually ignorant!

1)Do not get disturbed

You may see tens of notifications from a same friend, who just love to click the ‘post’ button, but why do you suffer crawling through their entire activity when you actually have only five minutes to see what your best friend has gone through, and believe me you will end up losing the important notifications all because you wasted your time reading about those who doesn’t care what you think.

Solution- Mute Posts, It really works very sweetly, simply click the arrow at the top-right of the post and select ‘hide…’, and bingo! There you go, only get notified from the important people who care about your suggestions.

2)See what you want to see

If there is little too much of a friend getting notified, you can change what updates you want to see from them, surely you don’t care about everything like what they commented over others but you may be concern what games they are playing or what’s happening, when are they getting married or did they pass or fail in the module, so here is what you have to keep an eye on to be called as a so-called friend.

Solution- Tailor updates from a friend, go to top-right, click on ‘hide’ then goes to ‘change what updates you get from..’ click check on what you want to see and enjoy tailing and reading the short stories of their life despite being ignorant and completely pushing them out of your life.

3)Who do you want to see

Surely you care about what your teacher posted during exams rather than what your acquaintances think about you, and similarly you don’t care what your teacher says entire year and where the next party is. Times change, so does the circumstances, then why does your news feeds stay constantly same? You need to manage and organize your news feeds, because you need to make life simple and safe time scrolling through unnecessary posts.

organise your friends

Solution- Organize your news feeds by switching onto ‘organize who you see in news feeds’. Facebook is going to make your life simple by few questions for customizing your feed experience and once you done all clicking through short and fairly simple process enjoy the freedom. You must be thinking how is it different from tailing updates from a friend, the answer is pretty simple, the tool actually tell you which friends you haven’t interacted lately, and there you go, here is your clue to pick. You will realize who is important and who is not, so simply here you are tapering them down.

4)Hazardous to share

There might be a lot of things you post that surely you don’t want everyone to see, or else you know better the circumstances. Be smart in tapering down your parents or girlfriend/boyfriend to see what you posted and enjoy the freedom on Facebook rather than ending up fights all because they caught you red handed over what you posted 😛

Solution- You can custom what you share, leaving your few friends from seeing that post by choosing a custom share settings. Simply click the drop-down box that appears next to the post button and click on ‘custom’ enjoy the freedom to share.

5)’Restricted’ or ‘Acquaintances’ choice is yours

You may find it time taking to list down the customs or tapering down the friends but you can actually handle everything smartly if you knew the purpose Mark Zukerberg spent hours in making lists labeled ‘Restricted’, ‘Acquaintances’, ‘close friends’ etc. Putting someone in such list ensures how much they can track your activities.

edit list

Solution- Add to limited lists, create a list, find and click the friends tab in the homepages left-hand menu, or you can also add friends if you already holds a list by simply enter the desired name on the right hand side under the ‘On this List’.

Enjoy life that was never being simpler with Facebook before.


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  1. Unwanted or useless Notifications are a really big problem. If you are in a hurry and You have to do something very important . Very useful tips and can solve this problem . Well done Sis

  2. Nice post Nida Zaidi, Someone says if you tell me about your friend then i tell you about you.When you see unwanted images and posts in timeline then you say i want to unfriend.

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