Twitter Terms of Service Explained in Simple Words

TwitterMore than 500 million people are now using Twitter. And it has become one of the largest platform for sharing news and events. most celebrities use Twitter as well to keep their fans updated about their life. But has anyone ever paused for a moment and looked over what legal obligations they bound themselves to when signing up? It’s interesting how so many people click on the notorious “I Agree” button without even giving the terms a read! While it’s safe for large, reputable companies, who can say what you could be signing up for when trying out a relatively new player in the market? Previously, we discussed some Facebook terms and services as explained by TOS;DR. It’s for people who didn’t read terms of services for a service before applying, to educate them on what their rights are on the service.

You can leave the service

Unlike some services like Skype or Xfire that don’t let you leave, Twitter gives you the option to delete your account and leave the service. Twitter keeps some of your content after you delete your account, and this content is deleted from Twitter after 30 days.

Information about data requests

Twitter informs its users about data requests from a government. This gives them a chance to defend yourself against any charges made against you.

Data sharing with third-parties

Your user data is shared with third-parties and other Twitter partners, hence raising privacy concerns. But for the data to be shared, you first have to grant access to that third-party app.

Tracking data

Twitter widgets on third-party websites collect data about you. The data is kept a maximum of 10 days. You can opt-out of this by enabling “Do-Not-Track”.

No cookies required to function

Cookies are files on your computer, and you can delete or disable them. Twitter does not require cookies to be enabled for most of its services, hence keeping some security concerns at bay

Third-Party Cookies

Twitter uses third-party services that may collect your information, using cookies for instance. Twitter uses Google Analytics.

Copyrights on your content

The copyright license is very broad and goes beyond the requirements to run the service.

Law enforcement transparency

Law enforcement agencies can’t demand access to sensitive user data right away. There’s a procedure they need to follow. But regarding crime, Twitter is open to sharing the data with the agencies. Indeed, there have been many instances of crooks being arrested through Twitter.

Little user involvement TOS change

Twitter can change the terms at any time when they see fit. They give notification, in their sole disretion, via an @Twitter update or via email. In September 2009, Twitter considerably changed the terms for the copyright license and only gave a very short notice, only a few hours before the changes applied.

If you have further questions, you ask ask them in the comments below, or you can read the full Twitter Terms of Service to get a better understanding. All the best 🙂

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