Twitter To Start “People You May Know” Email Newsletter

Twitter email newslettersIn the era when Social Networking has turned into a basic necessity of life, the most efficient and quick method to communicate and stay updated is to join a social networking website and following it. While Facebook takes all the privilege to hold on all its users with the everyday launch of plugins and features to facilitate its users, Twitter comes next. Although this branch of Social media is yet not as popular in Asian Sub-continent, a huge list of people is still tweeting about things in the western world.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is now focusing on its targeted audience by coming up with new offers and features to establish a new place in the social media.

E-Mail Service

Taking a serious notice of the slow progress in enhancing its business, Twitter is now coming up with it Email service that would send Newsletters to its existing users telling about the people they might know and want to follow too.

What’s special About the Newsletter?

According to the reveals made by the company, the newsletter would be mailed weekly to the Twitter Users to highlight the recent activities going on, and majorly sharing a list of celebrities and people the user might know or, perhaps, want to know. Once decided who to join with, you can enjoy following him in no time. Just like Facebook’s “people you may know”, these suggestions are based on hints that the robot gets from your existing network. For example, there are wide chances that you might like to follow someone your friends are following. This is an intentional step been taken to grow the network on much bigger grounds.


Why an E-Mail?

The world is changing, and so are priorities, isn’t it? Now that all your work, either business or personal is related to your inbox more or less, Twitter had no other option that would be cheap, efficient and effective to help growing its network by interacting with their users and letting them know about the latest updates.

Finding these Newsletters Irritating?

If you are not interested in using Twitter in near future in any way possible, why to get your inbox flooded with useless mails and notifications from Twitter? You can always get rid of these newsletters by opening your account and going in the settings of it. You just have to shut it from there. However, it is assumed that Twitter is going to be the second largest Social media in the upcoming months; therefore, keeping a track of recent activities is highly recommended!

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