Turn Your Words into Cash by Selling Your Writings To The Top 5 Sites!

write articles and sell them for money!A writer is a very powerful person in the online world. Why? Because he writes! The fact that you are reading this very post means that content was what you were looking for; something to read! And since words are all you have while interacting with your audience, they should be the best you can offer. Hence, a good writer is a heavy-weight in this web-sphere. And unique content is his key to success.

Are you a writer? If you have the necessary skills, you can use them to earn some bucks while sitting in the comfort of your living room! Write quality articles on various topics, and sell them! Here, we will share the top 5 such sites where you can sell your articles and writings and get paid for them.


These website provide more opportunities, especially to new freelancers, than most other freelancing websites where you bid to write on a topic. Most new people lose out on bids because there will always be someone who will under-bid them (almost always). People will write for anything these days. And there are lots of professional writers sitting and waiting to bid on something. Hence, new freelancers don’t get so many opportunities. With these sites, however, you can select what you want to write about, and sell it to the sites. Here comes the list now;

Yahoo! Voices

Yahoo! Voices, formerly known as Associated Content, is a part of the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Yahoo! Voices allows you to write an article, video, slideshow etc to sell. You can make money from Yahoo! Voices through Up-front payments and Performance payments.

Yahoo! Voices

Up-front payments range from $1 to $20, depending upon the quality of your content. The money is paid to you right after Yahoo! evaluates your content. Performance payments are paid on every 1,000 views of your articles, and they range from $1 to $2.

Although the pay is not that good, but still it’s the best website for newbie freelance writers. Currently, there are age and location limitations on earning money, but these will hopefully be expanded soon.

Constant Content

Constant Content is another great website. Its mode of operation is different to Yahoo! Voices. At Constant Content, you can buy as well as sell an article. Publishers are always looking for fresh content to publish. Hence, you can write an article or create an image, and sell their license rights to the publishers

Constant Content

Constant Content is more like normal free lancing websites. But is dedicated for writing and stuff. You can sell an article for as much as $100 (maybe more). There are people who are earning thousands of dollars per month via Constant Content. Hence, although there’s more competition at Constant Content, the reward is also greater!

Bright Hub

Bright Hub is another free lance writing website with primary focus on technology and science related articles. You should consider this if you are a tech-geek (:P). You will first have to apply for a contract with them and then join a team of writers working on a particular project.

Bright Hub

Since science and technology is in such great demand these days, Bright Hub is the place to be! It provides reviews or technical information and guidelines etc. to both novices and professionals alike. Great demand means more opportunities to find work! Hence, Bright Hub is dependable and solid. Writers can make a full-time living out of it. The only downside is, you will be working on projects and naturally, you will have to work with deadlines and team leader’s (editor’s) demands. Otherwise, it’s a great resource for begineers and pros alike.

Demand Studios

Demand Studios is a Demand Media™ project, and is a very large platform for writers to channel their skills. Every day, hundreds of titles are uploaded. You can then choose from among those titles, and write about them.

demand media - demand studios

Demand Studios had tens of thousands of free lance writers who are satisfied with their work. Some claim to have had earned up to $30,000! You can earn a lot too if you are motivated and hard-working.

Daily Article

Daily Article works similar to Yahoo! Voices. You sell a pre-written article to them and if accepted, an excerpt from your article is displayed on the site for public viewing. Your article might go for as much as $50 or more! And with relatively lower competition, it definitely can do with some trying out!

Daily Article

All these listed websites are great for any writer willing to make money. All you need to have is a computing device, time, and your box of creativity!! With these three tools, you can work your way out of any of your financial problems, or earn something extra to become self-dependent or merely increase your income! As they say, if you are motivated, opportunities are out there waiting for you! Good luck 🙂

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