Why You Should NOT Turn into a Freelancer?

You Should NOT Turn into a FreelancerAlthough freelancing is one of the leading online businesses these days, there are a variety of ways in which it really does not suit few people at all. Besides the fact that there are about 2 billion people who are earning in some way or the other through cashing their talent with freelancing, there are people who have now hold their ground and have left freelancing for reasons we will be sharing in a while.

We have been sharing a great deal of tips and tricks, the dos’ and don’ts with our readers and here we are with all you need to know about why you should not turn into a freelancer. So in case you all planning to start your freelancing career, here is what you need to read.

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1) Inconsistent Earning

Talent has no limits, so do not have your potentials but unfortunately when it comes to a freelance career, there lies always an uncertainty of having no contracts in hand after you are done with the existing one. You might get a project worth $500 a month and not a single penny the next month. So if you are the one who have to meet up the livings of his family strictly, a real-world permanent job is what you should look for.

2) Scam offers

Although all the rules of business ethics completely imply in the field of online earning, about 30% of the freelance workers suffer from been scammed where their clients actually do not pay the complete amount of work which was decided at the time of agreement or even pay nothing at all. You hardly know your client; therefore, it further becomes impossible to track his whereabouts. Freelancers, who trust their contractors completely, sometimes suffer really badly.

3) Punitive Deadlines

It is really great if you are disciplined and manage your time well. However, when you opt for an online earning package, you actually believe in the rule of being your own boss where meeting deadlines given by the clients become more of a nightmare at times. Not meeting your deadlines gives a serious blow to your freelance career because for your clients and potential contract providers time matters the most.

The above stated three clauses are the only major reasons that you must abide or get ready to deal with if you are hoping to earn by freelancing.

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  1. Good Information for those who want to start freelacing and I like your point that get a real life permanent Job,this is true that online earning have many disadvantages. 🙁

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