Tsu.co Introduced in Pakistan As A Money making Venture

Tsu.co Introduced in PakistanHave you heard of a new social media website named as Tsu.co? If yes then you must be aware of the spice and flavor it brings with its launch. And if it is still undiscovered by you then also you have come to the right place. The social media has grown really well in the first phase of its existence. Prevailing quite well in Pakistan, the Website is enjoying a rich number of users already.  There is a lot to know and get acknowledged with in this regard!

Tsu.co- An Emerging Social Media Network

tsu.co an emerging social media network

There was a time when Orkut used to be the most powerful and the only social media networking website in online market. People gone crazy for its uniqueness and amazing features to get connected within their social circles. Likewise, facebook came to the market and replaced Orkut in a very less time. The time has now come when Facebook is compelled to lose its position by ‘Tsu.co’.

Tsu.co has entered the race in 2013 that makes it too young among present social networks. But it has been growing at a phenomenal rate since then with millions of active members. You can call it the new settlement of the time.

Coming to Pakistan With a Bang

The latest news regarding Tsu.co being introduced in Pakistan was spreading all over the pages and blogs. The man behind is none other than Waqar Zaka,  a TV host, Vj and stunt performer of Pakistan. He has recently created his Tsu.co page that grabbed the attention of the folks out there. A sudden increase in membership of Tsu.co was noticed soon after Waqar Zaka made it public and started posting and sharing on his Tsu page.

Waqar Zaka – An active Member of Tsu.co

3. waqaar zaka

“Be original, post original. Pakistan try to understand, infact all new users should understand, at TSU, you can only earn by posting “Original Content” , original pictures, beware, with fake accounts you will not get anything and you will be deleted by Tsu. Posting fake pictures, sharing , liking wont help you to get anything. Attract people with your good original content not by begging them to follow u #tsupakistan

This is a recent post by Waqar Zaka on his Tsu page that is an evidence for the activeness of Waqar Zaka on tsu.co. He has been doing promotional activities by sharing such posts, blogs and pictures to convince people about how good is Tsu.co in changing their social media values.

You can find him calling out people or you can say his followers, to make money on Tsu and donate that extra money for good. Well thats some really nice effort that must be acknowledged.

Making Ways to Earn Easy Money

 make money on tsu.co

Since Tsu.co has opened ways for social media enthusiasts to earn easy money by their habitual posting, tagging and networking stuffs. The main thing behind this earning service is that you can own your shared content on Tsu.co for which you are being paid. Facebook and other social media lack in this amazing service where no payment for your content is being offered.

  • All you need to do is to get registered on Tsu.co and maintain your profile or page to your level best. Obviously the first impression is made with the outlook of a web page.
  • Make your posts interesting and engaging. These can include images, videos and blogs. Once you share the content on your page, Tsu gives you the ownership of this work and you get paid for the originality of your shared content, ofcourse.
  • You can also invite your friends to join TSu.co that again helps you to make money. On every response to your referral or invitation to join Tsu, you get paid and this is how you keep earning out of this.

That’s all from Tsu.co being welcomed in Pakistan and spreading itself greatly day by day.


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