How to Translate Handwritten Characters with Google?

how to translate characters with googleLinguistic differences had been one of the major reasons which divided the world into slices however, now that the world is enjoying its globalized touch, thanks to the e-media, Google has finally offered its unique service that will enable you to translate any word you do not understand, no matter whatever language that character or word belongs to.

Breaking the news on its official blog, Xiangye Xiao, Product Manager at Google, revealed that sometimes it is easier to just write it down and after the success of Google Input Tool, this one will surely contribute in converging all the languages at a single point.

Here is all you should know about how to translate handwritten characters with Google.

Why Google Translating tool?

It happens often that while coming across a word or a character in different language, you might find yourself curious to know what it actually means and there is no way to even type it down through your normal keyboard. Solving this problem for you, Google’s translating tool requires you to just draw that character on Google Translate tool it will present you its actual meaning. The tool is really an important resource for the writers and bloggers who come across different symbols and characters during their research which might be in different languages such as Chinese, Korean, Hindi, etc.

Its features

The application is available on Android phones, chrome, gmail and drive where you can always find it easy to write down words you want to translate in different languages. Currently the tool offers 45 major languages that are been shown in the table below.

google language support list

According to the team, they are working on more and will soon be adding other languages.

How to translate characters?

Now that you know what it is actually about, all you need to learn is how to use it.  Open up the tool and select a language you want to get translation of and also the input language.

translate characters with google

All you need to do now is to draw that character through a touch pad or a virtual marker. Its translation will then appear in the text box.

how to translate characters with google


No doubts about its powerful integration between different languages, the tool still needs to learn how to translate proper nouns like meanings of names and places are still not covered under the service.

how to translate characters with google

Google translate tool, though still unnoticed, is really an important tool which will help solving the language barriers, providing an ease of understanding difficult words and characters of different languages.