Western Union: Send And Receive Money In Pakistan

Western UnionThe absence of some easy money-transfer services in Pakistan, such as PayPal, make it difficult for people to send and receive money globally. And it’s not just online shopping enthusiasts that feel the need for a more substantial method of sending out money. Freelancers are increasingly finding their choices limited due to the absense of PayPal, since most major freelancing websites and companies pay through PayPal. And since the IT industry in such countries is on the rise, this is a serious limiting factor. For such people, Western Union can be an option. It can be used to send out and also receive money internationally. It is also useful for people working abroad who need to send money back to their families in their home country.

Western Union is the oldest financial services company. It originally started off as an American telegraph company in 1851. But with time, it shifted its focus worldwide, and also became a financial communications company. It also had involvements in early computer networking. Now, it is one of the most popular company with respect to payments and financial services.

Western Union operates all around the world in more than 200 countries, and has more than 440,000 agents working under it, making it the largest company of its kind. It supports many currencies as well, and you can convert to/from any currency you like instantly.

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How to send money?

To send out money, you simply have to find an agent first. Western Union has a lot of agents working under it. These agents can include post offices, banks, currency changers, etc. You can search their website for an agent nearest your location. Simply visit your nearest agent, and request a transfer form. Fill out that form, choosing an appropriate transfer method such as home delivery, transfer to a bank, etc. Submit the form, with the funds. In some locations, you can use your Credit Card to pay. Once you submit the form with the payment, you will be given a Tracking Number (MTCN). Keep it safe, and give it to the recipient.

You can also send money via your mobile phone. Simply call 1-800-CALL-CASH® (1-800-225-5227), and talk to an agent. You can pay there with your credit card, and you will be given an MTCN, which you need to keep safe.

Western Union also gives you the option to send money online. You can do this by logging in or registering an account, and then selecting a transfer service, such as transfer to a bank, transfer to a mobile, home delivery, three day service, money in minutes, and so on. Depending upon the service you choose, you can pay up using your credit/debit card, or you can give your bank account details (US only) from which funds will be withdrawn. Again, save the MTCN sent to your email.

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Note that there is a certain fee associated with transferring funds. This fee depends upon the service you are using. Generally, online transfers have a lesser fee than other services.

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Receiving money

Your money will arrive depending on the option selected by the sender. The sender will need to give you the MTCN, which you can use to withdraw the money. You can visit a nearby agent and request a withdrawl with the MTCN and a valid ID (National ID card, Driving License etc). You can also have the money delivered to your home if the sender chooses such an option. Google AdSense is one popular ad services that pays through this method.

You can also receive funds right on your Western Union Prepaid Card, or your bank account. The Prepaid cards, however, are available for a limited number of countries currently.

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Money senders and receivers can track the status of their transfer by visiting the tracking page, and entering the required information.

Western Union is a reliable service for transferring funds. You can be sure that there will be no fraud involved. It is an easy and efficient money-transfer solution. You can even pay your bills with Western Union! Hence, it is a comprehensive solution for your financial needs, something which you can make use of when there is no PayPal around. A lot of freelancing companies and ad services such as Google AdSense have the option to get paid through Western Union. All in all, its a very useful option, something which you must try if you want to send/receive money abroad easily.

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