Top 10 Websites of Afghanistan with Alexa Ratings –2012!

top 10 sitesIt’s important to identify that Afghanistan, a country with a literacy rate of 43% according to the reports of UNICEF, has got a remarkable talent that is working for the welfare of the country. Being one of the Developing Countries, Afghanistan is still working really hard in establishing a strong online Market to facilitate the Afghans and other People interested in Afghanistan.

Here are the top 10 websites of Afghanistan that are doing a great business and are contributing in the development of compact Information and Technology in the Country.


Alexa Rank: 350,873


Afghan-web, known as Afghanistan Online, is an independent web site that provides updated news and information on Afghanistan.  It’s the biggest website on Afghanistan with the highest rankings at alexa. Afghanistan Online has won plenty of awards for consistently providing the most current and authentic news updates on Afghanistan.


Alexa Rank 354,653


This is an Official website, highly dedicated to the president of Afghanistan, stands on number 2nd. It has succeeded in grasping numerous visitors as it provides latest news and current affairs on Afghanistan and its foreign Policy. The administrative staff of the website is highly responsive, facilitating the queries of the followers.


Alexa Rank: 36,934


Kabul Press is a well-known resource providing a unique forum where the members can participate in representing their views by writing and debating on issues related to Afghanistan. The average rate of page views is more than 500,000 per month. It’s one of the most reliable sources that hundreds of websites and blogs refer. The readership of the entire site is great as it features about 90% of the original content.


Alexa Rank: 462,005

afghan mania

members :34097

AfghanMania is an independent discussion and information provider about Afghanistan. It’s the leading Afghan Site, and has the largest Afghan online community, providing the most innovative Services to the Afghans and other Friends of the Country. It acts as a platform for moderate chat groups, sharing the best quality of contents with safe browsing.


Alexa Rank: 583,304

virtual afghans is an independent and privately owned web site, highlighting the
Afghan culture, arts and entertainment to be accessible online.
Virtual Afghans main features are auto updated headline news from Afghanistan, hot entertainment news and scandals, promotes and shares Afghan Music, free Music videos, also features Online Afghan TV Stations, song lyrics, live radio stations.

Moreover it also facilitates Afghans with interesting forums, chat rooms, cultural articles and a lot more.


Alexa Rank: 665,500


Known as Afghana, is the first Afghan Search Engine and Web Directory. The Web Portal provides information on issues concerning Afghanistan and its people. It acts as a doorway to Afghan culture, business, history, sports, media, news, government, tourism, art, literature, music, etc.


Alexa Rank: 772,361


Afghan Site was originally created by an Afghan student from Toronto. Afghan Site was the first website in Afghanistan to offer free web pages to its visitors, and introduced a buy and sell zone, which eventually became the first Afghan auction on the internet.


Alexa Rank: 933,874

RAWA, which stands for “Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan”, was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977 as an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan. It is currently one of the top 10 websites of Afghanistan. The Basic feature of RAWA is their work for human rights.


Alexa Rank: 1,121,909


Another remarkable website, established by an Afghan, provides the best source of entertainments to the people of Afghanistan, promoting the music, videos, lyrics, latest updates, etc. the viewership of this site is great.


Alexa Rank: 1,465,755


Aopnews is a news update website which. The webpage contains latest news as well as old news in archives polls. It also provides a chat room for discussions.


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