Top Ways To Make Money Online by Uploading Files on utorrent in 2012

Earn with UTORRENTBitTorrent (often abbreviated to ‘BT’) is a protocol that allows you to download files quickly and efficiently. It is a peer to peer protocol, which means you download and upload to other people downloading the same file. We all have been using this great service on daily basis but many of us wouldn’t have thought about earning money with it. To be honest, this method is somehow a little uncommon but those who are utilizing it are playing with cash. Uploading files to torrents and earning money from it is not as difficult as the word torrent seems to appear in your mind.

Here are simple steps that will guide you in making money with U-Torrent within two to three hours!

There are actually two ways to do so, first being the easier one as compared to the second, but the first one might not bring you the reward quickly.

Slow One:

This is will only work for those who are using other methods like YouTube and blogging for example! To make it simpler, here is an example, assume that there is new software launched in the market, you can upload its torrent on a site having an upload limit up to 200mb, for example, Share Cash. After Uploading it, you have to promote it to be downloaded via you tube, blog, articles or other sites. The more you promote, the more you will earn with every download. This method is quite systematic and it totally depends upon your other skills how you encourage your readers and followers to make a use of your software link and generate you some gifts!

The Most Effective one!

Although this one brings fruitful results for you too soon, they are not reliable enough. This is because few countries do not allow the use of torrent, considering it as a mean of promoting the piracy.

The second way is to make a torrent yourself and upload it to some public torrent trackers.

This can be done by the following steps:-

1) Download uTorrent from: its freeware software and you don’t have to pay or register for it.

2) Follow the market trends and have a focus on what people want to search. Find some current, hot and spicy topics. Media can be one of the great helps. Check out the Upcoming Movie’s list and pick a movie that is coming out in around a month from now. Your chosen files should be popular enough to bring you money.

3) Once you decide with what you are going to start it up, Find a trailer for that movie and download it. Use a YouTube downloader to download from YouTube and save it in your computer.

4) The next step is to customize your downloaded Trailer according to your wish. The name should be something happening, just like the book title. Something that attracts the people towards itself

5) I am sure all of you know that large files like software, games, applications, etc. are uploaded on torrents in .rar or in .zip format. To upload your trailer, Create a New Winrar Archive. There will be an empty Winrar archieved.

6) Right click on your trailer, and select “Add to Archive”. You will get a box titled, “Archive name and parameters”. Go to the “Advanced” tab, and then click “Set password”. After you have created your password, click “OK”. Depending on where your output destination was, you should now see that archive you just made.

7) Now you have 2 archives. One with the trailer which is password protected and one with nothing in it. Now, open the empty one and drag the archive with the trailer into it. Click “OK” if you get any message boxes.(just like you drag a folder inside another folder)

8) Now close everything and open the archive we first made. Now, create a notepad file. With your password written in it for the locked archive and save it as “READ ME- Password for the trailer”.

9) Make an account with Sharecash and upload the text file. Now, people will have to complete a short survey to download the password. You get paid up to $1 for each download.

10) Now create another notepad file and put in the download link for your sharecash text file we just uploaded. Then save this file in your ARCHIVE and name it, “read me- password”. Make sure you do not password protect this.

11) Finally you are ready, now when people try to open the trailer, they will be asked to enter a password. They will then read the notepad file (which should not be password protected) and they will visit the sharecash URL to download the password.

12) You will make money from this every time they download. As I said earlier you have to be wise in choosing what you are uploading, as an average, popular trailers, files, software are downloaded 20-30 times a day, generating a revenue around $25/ day.


Although earning with utorrent is a good option to follow only and only if your other methods are not paying you well. It’s a good side business but try not to limit yourself only on this if you are doing a serious business over here. I rate this method as a shortcut in earning policies and to be very honest shortcuts lead nowhere sometimes, play it safe. Be wise!

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